Anyone have a 66" Goode 9900SL Wide Ride they're looking to sell? Year not important.

I have a 62" of the same I can trade (blank with Powerplate), or would gladly purchase yours outright, either blank or with whatever bindings you've got on it. I'm trying to put together a ski setup for a friend who had both hips replaced...he can't really handle deep water starts on a standard ski any more, so I'm trying to set him up with a relatively high performance wide ride. He's gotten up on a Connelly Mid S I've got, but it's certainly not a performance ski.


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    Hi Phil - Funny to running into you here. I'm the one who corresponded with you on Ski It Again. Good luck on you hunt.

    One thing I didn't mention, is that I do have a newer 66" WR also that I may unload later in the spring. I really haven't had much time on it because I received it in the fall and plan on messing with it when it warms up. What I did find was it wasn't that much easier getting out of the water then the 64" I'm currently on, and a little too slow in the turns for my weight. The jury is still out on this one. Maybe others will have some thought on this?
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    Appreciate you getting back to me (in both places!). Starting to rethink whether the 9900WR is the right choice for my friend since the feedback I'm getting is that the narrow tail makes them just as hard to start on as a regular tournament ski. Most of the struggles he's having are on the starts, so I probably need to find something that's maybe not quite as high performance, but has a wider tail to help with the start. Anyone have any thoughts on that? That Mid S is anything but a performance ski, but he gets up every single time on it. Was thinking about maybe a Connelly Outlaw or something of that design?
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    I believe I mentioned on another string that I split a Flex Tail and widened the tip. Flex tail has a 3" tail and fairly narrow tip. I widen tip to approx 7.20". Anyway the ski kinda rocks and comes out of the water nicely. Much easier then the WW. Anyway, three individuals I ski with have New Rader Senate's. One person has a total knee and the other has two total hips and the third is tall and is over 200lb. They love the way it comes out of the water. I measured them and the dementions are about the same as my Frankenstein I split. Three inch tail and 7.20" tip.

    The great thing about this Senate, they are skiing at the hi end of their potential. Its a performence compitition ski.

    Just a thought.

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