2022 Radar Vapor Boot

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The all-new Vapor boot rewrites what is possible in waterski footwear by creating the pinnacle in hybrid boot technology. For the first time a rigid lower skeleton is connected to a Carbitex upper cuff to create the perfect blend of connection and control. The rigid lower skeleton gives a skier complete control over the edges of their ski while the Carbitex upper cuff allows a skier to move over their ski with ease to find balance and connection to the water. A Boa dial completes the package to give a precise fit every single time. Anyone that’s ever owned a Vapor boot in the past now has a reason to upgrade to our latest technology, strap it on and see for yourself the difference, skiing is believing.
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    Very nice. Does the 2022 still include the super feet footbed insert?
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    No. The foot bed is now contoured.

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    Thanks good to know.
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    Any one comment on how the release works now that it looks like it is all Carbitex in the back? Long time Vapor Boot user and interested to try this one out also.
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    @rayn the Radar release is still basically the same as before.
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    Question for those that already using the new vapor boot on a reflex system. My concern is, when used on a reflex system, as I intend to use mine with, how is the release triggered? The cuff is soft and my concern is that maybe it won’t work the same as the rigid reflex cuff in triggering the release fast enough. I plan to change the bungee cord with a non stretch one, but is this alone good enough?
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    I would change the elastic upper cinch to a static. I would NOT remove the rear flexion screw in the back for it to release properly. Put a shout-out out to Brooks
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    As a follow-up however I would ask if they use the standard reflex tow bar or the super-Shell Toebar?
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    Also i recently noticed there is an 840 release for the classic boot and a different one for the supershell but no clue what the difference is.
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    @BMG73 the little plastic “centering” screws. The classic style has them, the Supershell does not.
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    New super shell is an 840 only in black
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    @skialex I sent you a message.
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    @EFW Can you share your insights here?
    I’m in the same situation as @skialex and people seem reluctant to post something about this boot with the reflex release here for whatever reason.
    At worlds they had the new boots on display and also the different plates, including the one with the reflex release.
    Spoke to Brooks at his booth and he showed me the Radar Silvretta plate which was basically identical to the Reflex plate but had a few more (adjustment) holes drilled where the release mechanism is mounted to the plate. He said that the boot would work with my reflex plate no problem. But also mentioned something about the right sizing, but I can’t remember all the details. BTW - He was pretty open about it, not secretive at all.
  • mbabiashmbabiash Posts: 638 Crazy Baller
    It’s my understanding that 10 and 12 boots work with reflex 10 and 12 plate. But if you have an odd size, you’ll have to buy radar plate that is drilled for reflex release.
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    If you’re using dbl boots and the reflex releases can you get the rear boot toe jammed up tight up against the front boot heal?
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    @mbabiash Correct - since Reflex only has even sized shells (8,10,12) the Reflex plate will only work with even sized Vapor boots (8,10,12). If you have an odd sized Vapor Boot (9,11) you will need to purchase an adaptable mounting plate from Radar or your local dealer.

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    @DavidN I don't have any insights. Call Patrick Sinner @ Radar and ask him your question.

  • DavidNDavidN Posts: 612 Crazy Baller
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    Thanks, @EFW. Andre already confirmed what I vaguely remembered being told by Brooks.

    A size 8 boot should fit my size 8 Reflex plate.

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    @Horton Do you think the new boot will make for a good trick binding?
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  • Fastguy888Fastguy888 Posts: 121 Baller
    I have skied twice now on my new 2022 Vapor Boots in open water. They are mounted to my 2021 Radar Senate Pro. I'm a 15-22 Off 32-34MPH Skier with one season under me after 20+ year break. I previously skied with the Radar Vector Boa Front and HRT Rear. 22 years ago it was double rubber high wraps.

    It took a big risk after geeking out on Ball of Spray and all the hype of these boots buying double boots full retail direct from Radar. Tried them on in the living room and man were they tough to get on my size 12 feet (ordered size 12 Boot); but once they were on they immediately felt great and are sized correctly. I understand these liners can be molded / will mold over time so was not expecting a perfect fit dry. In the living room the tongue did feel tight on the top of my foot, but as I predicted was not evident in the water mounted to the ski. Despite feeling really good for a dry fit, they were almost impossible to get off, dry in the living room. With both the BOA and top bungee laces completely loose, I had to stand on the back of the aluminum plate and really pry to get my foot out. I ended up slightly bending the bottom plate getting them off in the living room. This kind of worried me, as I don't plan on using them with any additional release system.

    Initial set up - I removed only the rear bolt on the upper ankle for the rear boot to pivot fwd easier. Front boot everything installed. These were mounted using the included aluminum plate direct to ski.

    First Ski - To get on I found it easier to leave the liner in the boot and slide the foot in with a little soap. This seems to be the way it was designed as the hand holds are on the liner only. I wanted to ensure my foot had a chance of coming out in a fall first set; so I left the top bungees only tight enough to not slip off their notch. The BOA that tightens the lower, I cinched just enough to take up the slack and apply light pressure. On the boat platform I tried to see if I could pull or twist my foot out and I could not. I found that with the BOA tightened, bungees loose, it was still too tight to pull my foot out. The BOA comes far enough up my size 12 feet that my foot would really have to bend to slide out. I loosened the BOA and then reengaged the clickers but left it very loose. Despite it being left very loose the system was still more secure feeling and foot tight to the ski than the Vector System I was using. This is all before any break-in.

    Skiing the boots felt very good and natural right away. I loved the connection to the ski and despite my double boot set-up I had enough rear ankle flex and freedom to move naturally. I am RFF but surf and skate LFF. Ironically I think I keep my weight fwd and more balanced on the ski with double bindings; I think with the rear foot feeling more secure, I relax it more and balance naturally, where with the HRT or a rear toe strap, I get overly active on my rear foot kind of constantly forcing it onto the ski subconsciously.

    Performance was superb skiing. I wanted a better connection to the ski and I got it even with the upper bungees and BOA being extremely loose first set. I felt like my offside turn improved most, gaining leverage vs my old setup. I feel a more immediate positive reaction to input and intentional weight transfers. No falls first set, but I found my front foot would come out of the liner leaving the liner in the boot. My rear foot would come out with the liner still on my foot. I equated this to having the rear ankle bolt out of the rear binding giving it more flex and room for the liner to come out.

    Second day skiing on the system I found the liners to have molded to my foot some. This enabled me to get a little tighter on the BOA and still have some confidence I would come out. I found the sweet spot for the BOA and could then adjust the top bungee tighter. I am loving this setup and cant wait to get on the course. Thanks for making a great product Radar.

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    @Fastguy888 Good write up. Interesting you tried it with the one bolt removed right away. I left everything in and love it, but might experiment a bit once I start to ski more.

    When you are done do the liners stay in or do they come out with your foot? I find that most of the time my foot and the liner come out together.

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    @Fastguy888 don't do the soap, if anything use a very thin dress sock. Once it breaks in and you get use to it ditch the sock. I wet mine first before putting my foot in it.
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    @horton I heard you modified your new rear Vapor boot to be similar to the Reflex R-style. If so would you please post a pic.

    I’m trying to decide if I should cut out the sides and top of the toe piece and leave the foot bed of the toe like the R-style. The other thought is to drill out the rivets and remove the toe price of the boot completely which will remove the foot bed from the toe area and my toes would rest on the mounting plate.

    I’m leaning towards cutting out the top and sides of the rear boot to keep the footbed like the R-style.

    All input welcome…
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    I did try something as an experiment for @brooks. I don't know if it's actually an approved Radar modification. I removed all the rivets so the toe cap came off. I think a lot of people might like it as a rear binding.

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    After removing the toe cap (which also removes the sole of the boot in front of the ball of your foot) feel odd with your toes supported at a lower height than the rest of your foot?
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    Looks like "Crocs" are back in fashion?
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