Show off your most impressive/awesome wipe-out pics!

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In this thread, I'm inviting people to show off their most impressive wipe-out/crash photos. Photos that record the most horrendous, explosive crashes you and your ski friends have ever captured in an image. All are welcome to contribute so please share your best images. Videos are welcome too.

Want to see flailing limbs and huge mushroom clouds of spray as your/their pass/run comes to a sudden, explosive, fiery and ignominious end. I'll start things off with what I think is the best waterski crash photo I've ever taken. This one is a ski buddy of mine caught airborne between his first and second bounces following a horrendous OTF at high speed. Complete yard sale. Can't even see his ski in the photo (I think it burned up on re-entry) but you can certainly see the huge mushroom cloud of spray his first bounce created and if you look closely, you can see pretty clearly that his shorts are half way down his thighs ready to come off after the next bounce. 😆

That's my best. What else you peeps got? With all the years of waterskiing experience on this forum, I have to think there's got to be some impressive and amazing crash photos out there. Let's see your best ones!

I've got a few more to share after this but I wanna see some of yours before I throw those in.

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