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Quick Question, looking on Ski it Again there are some nice looking ski properties for sale on Private lakes in southern Cal. They seem fairly priced to cheap compared to Florida and yet they are not selling?
What is the Catch? Why are they not selling?


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    I have no idea, but some questions to ask may be:

    1. How expensive/difficult is it to keep water in the lakes? Are they needing to drill deeper wells and risking exhaustion of the water table or aquifer?
    3. Are water rights expiring or otherwise threatened?
    4. Are there other natural features impacting value, such as faults/earthquakes, wildfire frequency/intensity, other environmental issues?
    5. How desirable is the area? What is nearby? Are there shifts in socioeconomic stability or security?
    6. In previous listings, some properties have been advertised as buying into a corporation versus actual property ownership. Is that the arrangement on these properties?
    7. What are the HOA fees, taxes, etc.?
    8. Is there a substantial exodus from California due to governmental concerns?

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    You may be looking at non deeded property listings and they are probably out in the desert. Schools suck, air sucks , no nightlife.
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    You probably looked at the two sites listed for sale at Ski West Village, located Southeast of Bakersfield. The lots at Ski West are not deeded and you cannot live at Ski West full time, it is pretty much a weekend escape for skiers and their families from all over the Southern California area. You own a share of the Ski West coop and there are restrictions to what you can build. Bako-Arvin is one of the greatest places to ski, however the weather and air quality suck from November to March.
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    I have friends that own at Arvin / Newberry Springs Lakes, I have looked into Arvin & Newberry Springs myself and hope to one-day have a weekend retreat on a ski lake. Lots of Ballers live there. Not sure its intentional but "browsing" these listings their is a lack of transparency on real cost. If you get serious most will disclose all the cost pretty up-front quickly. I have heard $500 - $2,000 monthly HOA/Dues + Special Assessments + cost for electricity/power etc. turn a $160k opportunity into a $500k+ equivalent monthly payment real fast. While the water rights seems pretty secure today; this is California, a political agenda could threaten the waters of the lakes easily. Very little marketing of the lakes is done; possibly to keep them out of the eyes of haters or neighboring farmers that would love the water. Some of the lakes offer true ownership / home ownership and despite the higher initial price tag; potentially have a lower monthly payment that builds equity. The lack of nearby amenities, smell of manure, industrial agriculture and distance from most anything can make them undesirable for non-skiing friends and family.
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    @Wolfeie Yes, I looked at both of these properties and they along with the one in Newberry springs have been for sale for a long time. Are there water issues or any other reasons why they don't sell?
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    One reason could be Ski West does have limits on the size of the boat, how much ballast you can use to enhance the wake for wake boarding, and we do not allow wake surfing. So Ski West is more oriented to skiers, vs the more popular wake boarding/surfing. We have had 3-4 new owners the last couple of years, so lots do sell. Fastguy was a little over the top, our dues are $330.00 per month, our last major special assessment was over 15 years ago when we re-dug the lakes, non skiing guest love to come up the enjoy the warm water, tube, paddle-board and play pickelball. Our family spends about 30 weekends a year at Ski West and it is a lot less expensive than a condo at Mammoth or Palm Springs, and only 90 minutes away from our home in Ventura County.

    Certainly anyone in California that has property on a public or private lake is concerned about water, water rights and the cost of water. Knock on wood, it has not been an issue in the Arvin area. We get our water from a well, and we are sitting over a pretty large aquifer. We also do not pump 4 months of the year since our only water loss is through evaporation. Most of the owners have been at Ski West for over 20 it can't be that bad.
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    Like @wolfeie said water is always in the back of our minds, but it is definitely one of the best places to ski hands down. Besides Florida the list of states you can ski comfortably from March to November is pretty rare. On top of that we have some of the most consistent ski conditions there is. @Fastguy888 I do think your costs are a bit over the top. Its not to that extreme. As far as the smell of manure you honestly don't even notice it after a while and only get it when the wind blows in a certain direction. I think its toned down over the years. There is so many great people at the lakes it makes up for the lack of amenities nearby as well. @rico is one of the newer owners he might chime in on this.
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    I would challenge anyone to find a place with more glass days per year. It might be warmer for more months in Florida but we have almost no wind dawn till dusk in Arvin.

    Yea the smell from the dairies is a bummer but it is only occasional.

    Water is a real problem in Newberry for sure but at this time not in Arvin. The Arvin lakes are surrounded by a huge amount of agriculture so the ski lakes are not conspicuous.

    @Fastguy888 the costs are not as wacky as you think. On my lake the electric to keep water in the lake is in the $600 per month HOA dues. Special assessments are for once every 10-20 years like road repairs and lake re-dugs.

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    @horton @ColeGiacopuzzi I am glad to hear the additional cost are not as bad as some of my friends were indicating; one has a place at Banana Lakes - Arvin the other at Sundown - Newberry. So glad for every place we have to ski. When my daughter graduates HS or sooner I hope to get my own little slice of ski lake heaven.
  • jpattigrjpattigr Posts: 278 Crazy Baller
    Thanks everyone, my guts says i need to come visit and have a look around and see if it is for us. Really looking for a spring / fall ski escape place. Somewhere to ski March, April and May and Oct. Happy up North in summer and still love Snow skiing in the middle of winter!
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    Those are beautiful months here in Orlando.
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  • jpattigrjpattigr Posts: 278 Crazy Baller
    Live in the NW and short easy fly or drive to California, seems like west coast makes more sense if everything came together.
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    We have 3 new lots surveyed at Cedar Ridge. We are just waiting for the appraisals to come back before listing. We have a few folks showing interest already!
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