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Hey Ballers,
Just wondering who might be out in the forum who skis at the Lakes of Katy (Texas), or August Lakes (also Katy Texas)? My wife and I have been looking around that area online, and I am interested in any of the particulars of the area (what the lake community is like? What the demographics of the area are like, such as the schools, the community/city/county are like? Work and social life, etc.) Any feedback would be appreciated!



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    There are a couple of Lakes of Katy homeowners(or past homeowners) in here that will chime in. August Lakes is more of a wakeboard/surf type of setup with much deeper lakes and no slalom courses.

    I don't live there but I ran a sports venue 5 minutes from LOK for 5 years so I know a good bit about the area. It is a very nice area to live in. It's still an old town feel alongside new town amenities. And it's one of the fastest growing areas in the country. 15 years ago, some of these roads were little 2 lane country roads and now there are big 4 lane thoroughfares with shops and business lining them. Schools are good. From LOK to the mall is less than 10 minutes. Tons of shopping and restaurants within 15 minutes. Big waterpark 10 minutes away. You can be at the airport in less than 45 minutes by hitting Grand Parkway. Houston downtown is 30 minutes away on an evening or weekend. Unless there's a car accident and then its 2 hours. lol. From a corporate perspective, there is a big energy company presence, as well as health care presence in the area.
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    @ToddA I live at Lakes of Katy. Send me a private message if you want to talk.
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