As a skier, what do you respect more, a one event WR holder, or a podium Overall skier?

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Just wondering? There are a few amazing Overall skiers in recent memory, but do how do you compare them to single event specialists?
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    Individual. The Regina that set nine world slalom records must be better than the Regina that only set four world overall records. ;-)
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    I belive that water skiing was much more engaging when we had true 3 event skiers and we awarded more for the overall result IMO there is a direct correlation in the decline in popularity and the reduction in 3 event competitors.
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    I'm with you guys.....
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    There are some overall skiers that are world record holders, people like Jacinta and Regina with WR in jump and slalom respectively and are also podium overall.
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    They're both gifted, dedicated hardworking athletes so I respect and admire them both the same. The three event skiers are generalists and do all three events at a very high level but in order to be the absolute best in any one event, I would argue you really have to specialize and dedicate yourself to that one event, especially when the three events are so different from one another. It's not like alpine skiing where slalom and giant slalom aren't that much different and the same could be said of the Super-G and the downhill.

    The way things have gone in waterskiing is no different than what has happened in other multi-event sports. Just watch the alpine skiing at the Winter Olympics. When was the last time someone medaled in Slalom, Giant Slalom and Downhill let alone took gold in all three of those events since Jean Claude Killy did it at Grenoble in '68? They didn't have the Super-G in those days but JCK was so superior to the rest of the field at that time I would bet he would've taken gold in that event too if they had it at those Olympics.
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    @DangerBoy there is an american guy that knows how to water ski but excels on the snow.....Bode Miller is one of five men (and last to date) to win World Cup events in all five disciplines. He is the only skier with five or more victories in each, I think that is why he is considered the greatest American skier of all time
    Unfortunately as our sport devolved we lost the 3 event focus and now have to discuss the best Slalom skier the best Jumper and best tricker AND the greatest overall 3-event skier.
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    Overall podium skier > single event record holder. IMO.
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    @DangerBoy @RAWSki The comparison to snow skiing is not fair. At each event there is no overall winner. I believe the World Cup champion is the skier with the most points totaled for all events. You earn points by your finish in each event. To me overall skiing is more like the decathlon.

    If we all agree that the hey day of skiing was hot summer nights most/all of those stars were specialists.
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    You ask who do I respect more. That means I have to respect someone else less. I respect them all but also acknowledge that 3 eventers are more versatile in their talent and are required to put in much more effort than top one event skiers. Some specialist just don't have the physical makeup to be at the top in 3 events. KLP was a slalom phenom starting in the Boys division. He is less well known for his Jumping. Every legend makes history in the way they are able.
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    @rayn What? How about Carl Robarge? He was a real threat every week in slalom and jump and won both many times. Camille Duvall, Dena Brush Mapple, Sammy Duvall, Jody Fisher, the Llewellyns, BOB LAPOINT, Lucky Lowe, heck Andy was a three eventer. Jennifer Leachman was a national jump champion. And these are just the three event pro skiers from the 80’s and 90’s that I can think of in 60 seconds.
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    @lpskier they were all great (some are STILL great)! Regina, Dorian, Joel Poland, the Miranda’s, Adam S and others are all at the top in one or two events and very, very close to the top on the third. With todays scores you can’t be a dominate overall skier without being one of the top 5 (or so) in at least two events. The battle between Dorien ans Joel at the Worlds this year is a perfect example.

    Along those thoughts, my question is how to we reenergize overall in the US? The rest of the world puts an emphasis on overall and supports single event dominance. Here in the US it seems we emphasize single event dominance and support overall.

    I recall back in the 80s/90s when Patrice Martin was a world record class trick skier. We all knew he could ski all three events but watching him slalom and jump with the best to win overall at the Masters the first time was fantastic.
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    @lpskier - Yes all great skiers. I was trying to point out there was no "overall" competition during hot summer nights. They focused on the individual events.
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    @rayn thats because it’s a ‘virtual’ event where it’s the total score of all three individual events. Gymnastics deals with it differently by making the athletes literally perform in all events to make it a true event. It’s easier to televise since the storyline is usually different. Waterskiing never did that. Instead, Hot Summer Nights focused on slalom and jump since they were both easier to understand and (arguably) more exciting to watch
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