Mounting radar boots on D3 NRG R2

DanoDano Posts: 220 Baller
Hi, probably the dumbest question ever asked here but.... I just bought an NRG R2. I'm using radar carbitex front boot. All of my other skis have inserts that sit flush with the ski allowing the aluminum plate to bolt tight to the ski. The R2's inserts have a head on them that sits above the top sheet. Do we just bolt the binding plate down tight to the inserts? just making sure i'm not missing something here. I think perhaps the padding on the bottom of the binding plate is suppose to take up the bit of space created by the insert heads?


  • HortonHorton Posts: 32,524 Administrator
    yeah you're good. The tops of those inserts sit just slightly above the top of the ski and that's fine. Just screw them down "hand tight" and go ski.

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  • jnan66jnan66 Posts: 25 New Baller
    That is the only thing I dislike about D3 skis. Bindings only ride on top of these small surfaces instead of restng/ get sucked down to the ski surface. My front is ok but I have 3d printed inserts in my rtp that prevents sliding sideways.
  • buoyboy1buoyboy1 Posts: 163 Baller
    @jnan66 I use a 1" x 1" strip of velcro (rough portion) in two locations (toes and heel) under my rear boot on my D3. It grips the rubber on the bottom of the binding plate and really keeps it from wanting to slide around.
  • alex38alex38 Posts: 540 Baller
    Is it by design to allow plate flexion?
  • harrison_343harrison_343 Posts: 41 Baller
    @alex38 i hope so
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