The Wednesday night crew “They do exist!”

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After some unforeseen events ( broken ribs, crazy work schedules, too few employees, foot surgery, etc ) and some very bad weather ( tremendous amount of rain, heavy snow fall and extreme cold) the Wednesday night crew along with the wives got together for a “return to skiing kickoff dinner” of smoked turkey, green beams, roasted potatoes, spaghetti squash and cornbread and honey preceded by an assortment of appetizers and followed up with a gluten free chocolate peanut butter pie with ice cream. And yes we had some of @Rednucleus scotch selections along with some homemade apple brandy and some home made peach/cinnamon moonshine. So great to be able to share a meal and fellowship with such a great group of friends. We are planning on more ski trips to various lakes and rivers again this year highlighted by our annual week at lake Curlew this August. Just need @Rednucleus to join us more often not the same without you!
Went out Sunday to Big lake for a pre Super Bowl ski. Sun was out and the air was a comfortable 53 while the water was in the mid 40’s. Water conditions were great to start enabling Doug to long line barefoot. Only boat on the lake except for one small boat fishing and one kayak. Looking forward to another season of skiing adventures. Stay tuned



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    Glad you all are back on the water. So enjoyed your adventures each week!
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    Pro Tip: Don't expect to make a full pass the morning after a feast at the @cougfan residence!
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    have to ask about the helmet? are you using it for bare footing? Or for warmth?
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    @mike_mapple Douger is not on BOS but I am pretty sure he has said it's for warmth. He's the fearless barefooter in our group, and when it warms up, the helmet is gone!
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