Water Ski Videos That You Like !

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I am going to kick it off with The Big Dawg Night Finals in 2012, some Great names that sadly are no longer with us.
I Salute them All !

Looking Forward To Getting On The Water, It Has Been A Bleak Winter



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    TW at 1/4 speed is probably my most watched and re-watched ski video. Just yesterday I was looking at his stack/stance at the pullout pre-gate turn-in and comparing my position while I am trying to get and keep more weight forward with hips up. TW makes it look so easy.
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    I used this one for inspiration/aspiration for years.

    The space before the buoy is amazing - so much time and so early
    Handle control is superb
    Line tension and connection to the boat looks phenomenal

    I realize it is PerfectPass, but still impressive. Would be even better with better video quality.

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    Not a particularly popular one, but Grant Schipper's trick run from 2016 Nationals is an amazing tool for introducing new people to trick skiing. He does a ton of tricks ranging from surface turns, wake tricks, and then a few flips. It's a well done run, but nothing that brand new people would think is impossible like toes or ski-line tricks

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    Used to play this one for my son as a reward when he was potty training. Go potty, get to watch the video. In fact, when I just searched for it to attach it here he heard the music and came running down the stairs to watch it with me again. Pretty cool. He is 15 now (and potty trained). Thanks southern Oregon crew.

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    Here's a bunch of videos that you probably haven't seen...https://www.youtube.com/user/laster111/videos
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    Put in some good earbuds and crank it way up. If this doesn't motivate you ........... it's time to quit .
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    Worth another look - Adam Caldwell at Malibu Open

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    Travis Anderson, Texas waterfront REALTOR
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    Loved hearing Joel mention this video on his interview with Matteo...have watched this more than any other video on YouTube:

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