Venom vs Wiley: sizing and support

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Has anyone made the switch from Wiley to Venom for their rear boot? I've used a Wiley forever but the Venom has been interesting ever since HO introduced it. What's the difference in support and material stiffness? A little more compliance (esp forward to allow more ankle flex) is what I'm looking for.

I use a medium Wiley. Would the 8/9 Venom work or would I need to go up a size?

Thanks in advance, spring is in the air, for today at least!


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    I keep switching from Wiley to Venom, and again… and again :grin:
    The main difference between the two, or at least the one that always jumps out at me, is weight. The Venom must weight half or less than half of Wiley. Venom is also softer, both rubber (which should help with ankle flex) and wraps. Importantly, the venom is one whole wrap that closes in the back.
    I keep switching as I feel much smoother with the Venom but, if things get rough, I feel I can force a turn more with a Wiley. Which is wrong of course, but sometimes… :tongue:

    I use a Large Wiley, so 8/9 for you should do.
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    Thank you for a very complete answer. I didn't even think about the weight but that's also not my favorite Wiley attribute either. I'm sold - will order a Venom tonight.
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