Colleges with ski team

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Is there a list? My son is starting to consider colleges and might want to ski at school. Bonus if there is snow skiing nearby too :)


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    Clemson has a Ski Team. No real snow skiing nearby but i'd honestly suggest he goes somewhere that excels in his dream career first, as well as does a Coop or Internship. It's nearly impossible to distinguish yourself nowadays and "entry" level jobs require experience. Getting one of the above will help to show that you have experience IN the field.

    just my 10 cents (got to account for inflation.)
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    Colleges with water ski teams and reasonably close to snow skiing - Cal State Chico, UC Davis, and Sac State (if they currently have a team) are all within 2 hours of snow skiing. Western Washington in Bellingham I would assume might be close enough to snow skiing. I had heard there were some kids skiing at Univ of CO Boulder, but not sure about that now. Even the central and southern Cal colleges that have water ski teams (Cal Poly, UCLA, San Diego State) will get you within a day's drive of snow skiing and usually all those teams have kids that want to head to the snow in the winter.
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    List of teams:

    Instagram is a great way to get in touch with collegiate waterski clubs, most will have a page there
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    So exciting!

    Look at who has made nationals that last few years and start there, IMO. NCWSA Nationals is the funnest tournament on the planet.
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    JayShower above sent out the full list, not every team has set up a link to their website on that page, but they should all be on Instagram!

    I'd suggest finding the college that's the best fit academically, then checking if they have a ski team. It's easy enough to start one that your son will be able to ski anywhere they go.
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    A ski team is a cool thing socially for your kids to be a part of as they depart home--don't think of it as it needs to be elite unless your son is elite. Instant social network and life-long friends. Pick some good schools for other reasons--see if they have an established team, take that into consideration. Out of state/in-state can be massive differences in cost.
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    @Keith_Menard shoot me a message if you have any questions about any programs across the country. I am the Chair of the Region you reside in.
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    @Keith_Menard Iowa State has a really nice setup with snow skiing nearby.
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    Hard to beat UC Davis as very highly ranked academic school, Water Ski team practices at Bell Aqua, and world class skiing just 100 miles away in Tahoe.
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    @Hallpass Not to mention an awesome wine school.
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    I might be a little late to this, but Iowa State is an amazing school to consider. We have a private lake 20 minutes from campus that we are allowed to ski at. And snow skiing in Boone, IA, a small bunny hill (20 minutes away). Also, ISU takes a snow ski trip out west every winter for our off-season training.
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    Plus one for Iowa State even tho I'm a Hawkeye--skied that site many times in tournaments it's a nice 2-lake set up. Every September used to be 3 rounds slalom there me and my bro Jim.
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    Having a snow option nearby does not usually bode well for academics for most students. Reach out to the teams, they are more than happy to discuss or host a visit.
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    ASU is an amazing option. Sooo much to do, from hiking to open water boating. They waterski year round with organized coaching. There are also many snow skiers on the team. They are within 3 hours of Snowbowl and make team trips to Mammoth, Vail, Purgatory, Tahoe etc. Its pretty crazy how much they do. From Hawaii to Moomba, the team is very tight.
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    @NikolG my alma mater:)
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    ASU has a tough line up to break into from what I understand.
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