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dislanddisland Posts: 1,522 Mega Baller
Any users have the tongue of the boot move over to the side while skiing? I notice when this happends it makes the laces slightly looser. Does this matter? any ideas how to keep this from happening? I am sinching them up fairly tight.
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  • dbaconazdbaconaz Posts: 180 Baller
    Ya I noticed that as well. I don't think if matters, (at least with my skiing! LOL).. Overall I love the T-Factor boot!!
  • MDB1056MDB1056 Posts: 1,008 Crazy Baller
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    Im LFF and wearing double boots. Have been on tfactors for 5+ years and have not experienced that. I used to have shifts with my HO Venoms prior but again have not with tfactors. I only tighten the top drawstring . Now as my ski is always removed while in the water it would admittedly be hard to see if it did shift a bit, but again compared to the Venoms where I could feel it and also still see the rubber moved over after the ski was off I’m not aware of anything with the tfactors. Absolutely love the bindings. Hands down the best rubber binding out there by a wide margin.
  • swbcaswbca Posts: 737 Crazy Baller
    I switched to T-Factor front and rear boots last year. I never change the bottom laces - not tight and not slack - and pull the top laces only somewhat tight - hoping to get yanked out of them if needed. I have never had the tongue shift a noticeable amount on either boot. I love the T-Factors for their simplicity . . . only one step beyond traditional rubber boots.

    On the front boot, it came with a wide rubber strap sewn in over the bridge of the foot. It was painfully tight even with the bottom laces loose, so I cut it out on day 1. No regret on that.
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  • dislanddisland Posts: 1,522 Mega Baller
    Thanks guys. Today I piad closer attention to ensure the bungee is equally stretched across each side. I think that helps ensure consistency
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  • bbskierbbskier Posts: 9 Baller
    I have that problem with my T factors. Sometimes I have to pull laces a bit tighter after my first pass. Otherwise it hasn't been a big deal for me.
  • BraceMakerBraceMaker Posts: 5,134 Mega Baller
    This happens essentially because your shin wants to occupy one side of the boot and so the tongue moves to the other. Foot is probably pronated.
  • SlalomSteveSlalomSteve Posts: 165 Baller
    I use T-Factor and will notice a slight shift sometimes. I wonder if this is actually a bad thing though...
    Particularly if someone has bowed legs (which I have a little bit of), perhaps the boot is "automatically adjusting" to hold your particular leg shape in actually a better or "custom" way?
    I really don't know, but if so, maybe it'd be best leave the tongue where it is and just tighten more if needed.
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