What was the best older cutting up freestyle skiing

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My sons like to ski, but they do not like the High end slalom skis. They say they are too fast out of the turn and a little scary for them. They mainly play golf , but I want them to start having fun on the water. So I wanna buy them an older ski that they can have fun on.
Should I find one that has a soft flex, lotta rocker, narrow concave.
Maybe an old Kiddler Redline , Ho Freeride or what . Thanks


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    Pull them through some buoys and they’ll went every ounce of performance they can get :smile:

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    So you’re looking for a slalom ski that was considered high end 30 yrs ago? Because it is lower performing than a ski you can buy today? Hmmm.

    In a hundred people that will look at this post, two dozen have a shed full of skis just like that. Not getting rid of them because they hold some nostalgic memory, but they are no longer skied because the last 8 skis purchased are WAY better. But IDK, maybe they are for sale. HO Mach 1? Kidder Redline? EP Stiletto? KD 7000?

    Name your three favorite brands, model, and size. Indicate the Price you’d like to pay and buy 3-4 options of old skis to demo, and give it a go.
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    Welcome to BOS! How old are your sons? They will ski better/easier/safer on a new model cross over ski than any "classic" older ski you choose. The number one absolute best thing to do if you are serious about getting them to enjoy slalom is: GET SOMEWHERE FOR LESSONS AND GET AN APPROPRIATE SKI SET UP AT THAT TIME! Where are you located - folks here will guide you to great coaching & gear for your sons.
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    I’d strongly recommend a ski built in the last few years for your sons. There’s lots of great options for skis designed to be ridden at slower speeds/ fun on the water. All the way down to real wide ones like the HO Hovercraft, or Connelly Big Daddy. If you don’t have a trusted local dealer to visit, I’d recommend calling Bill or Mike at Performance Ski and Surf. I’m sure once you explain what type of skiing your sons would like to do, as well as their sizes, athletic abilities, etc. they’ll offer great suggestions! Best of luck!
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    Here’s an idea: Tell them you will get them an EP Comp 1 ski, top of the line circa 1975, but in exchange they have to play golf with persimmon woods. When they want a contemporary set of woods they have to get a contemporary ski. ;-)
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    Just about any year of production. And both can be skied in just about any condition. Can’t say Enough about both. Just so enjoyable at 22-27mph. Can run the course at those speeds as well.

    HO Free Ride.
    Connelly SX
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    Everybody wants to be so cute.

    My suggestion is the "plain" HO Omni. It is the ski you are asking for and offers a higher ceiling if they decide to progress.

    Checkout this package at Perf Ski and Surf: https://www.perfski.com/ski/slaloms/slalom-ski-packages/2021-ho-omni-with-freemax-and-art.html

    Get the 67.
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    If you really are saying they want to cut up and freestyle ski on a slalom look at something like a Connelly Big Daddy or an HO Hovercraft.
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    @Skibumdan If you want to give me a shout, ill be at the shop today until 3:30pm EST or shoot me an email/pm anytime I can make suggestions on what we have, what I think they will like.
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    I carried them to ski tournaments when they were young, they got burn out pretty quick just watching. (They are in their upper 20’s now) Slalom course we can use this hour and 15 minutes away. Unfortunately slalom skiing is really not that proper more. At least in Arkansas. (Except the Greenwood’s). I have an old HO Turbo, but it doesn’t turn good. My try them on my LaPoint O’Brien.
    Newer skis , i only heard Bob LaPoint say on a podcast , he free skis on the H O Freeride.
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    It seems like when I was in my 20s everyone in the boat preferred a 66 inch O’Brien World Team Comp
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    I'm not an expert, but my boys really like the HO CX they have. That was replaced by the Omni.
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    The HO Omni, Radar Senate would both be perfect choices, Bob still works for HO, and Kris is building his own skis know, but only high end models as of right now.
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    Is there a difference between the free ride and a free ride fusion or is it just a newer model?
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    @Skibumdan they still make and sell KD Redlines, even in sizes up to 72 inch. They seem to be a great entry level free skiing option
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    You can buy yourself a 2005-2010 D3 X5, x7 or Radar Strada. Pretty neutral and easy to ski.
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