ropes too elastic feeling at longer lines

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I ski into 13 pretty regularly but rarely run it - just to put this into perspective. I went to a tournament a few months ago and the rope felt completely different to mine and I struggled with it as it was super elastic. I thought I better get a new rope mine must be shot. Got a new masterline rope and it is just so so elastic at the longer lines - when I got to 14 it was nice but at the 18 and 16 it was horrible - so much so that I struggled to run passes. I'm a bigger guy and I'm sure that isn't helping but does anyone else have the same issue> Or am I just being too delicate? Went back to a new stiffer rope today and ran deep 13 and felt great, which sucks because the rope in the tournaments aren't going to change!


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    Been there, done that. Big struggle for me as a beginner skier going from my Syndicate in practice to Optimized in tournaments.. I could literally barely ski.

    I ditched the Syndicate line and only ski with ML, and it’s becoming a non-issue. The bigger issue was me loading up too much right out of a turn and getting slingshot into the wakes, and the soft rope made it way more obvious.
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    First question is how old is your rope? The rope could be worn out causing it to feel stiff and non forgiving. A new rope will stretch a bit more. The other issue maybe the way you are skiing and coming off of the ball. That will also affect how the rope feels. If you get a new rope and you don’t like the feel change your cruise control setting. Change your ZO your letter and or number. Make it a stiffer ride. You may have to experiment a bit. But the ride will be better in the long run with a new rope.
    If skiing tournaments the driving will affect your ride. Driver may not be as friendly as your driver in practice. The boat maybe different. MC and Nautique have different feeling pulls. As you ski in tournaments the transition will be cleaner and easier.
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    @LK_skier Which rope were they using at the tournament? Which rope did you buy?

    A new rope will always have more elasticity than an old worn out rope. As @ dave2ball mentioned, the boat and driver can also have an effect on how to pull feels.
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    A buddy of mine bought some rope on Amazon and made us some ski ropes. Coming around the ball I went out the front so hard. It literally felt like a bungee cord. I never used it again, but he loves it. Lol.
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    @dave2ball - I've skied enough to know it wasn't the driver or ZO - I'm talking about a huge difference - it sling shots you into the wash out of your turn. Then in practice it was the same with my normal driver.
    @Broussard - they were using the masterline Pro and I bought the same - its just so different to other ropes at long line - I bought a new radar and it felt great first ski. The old rope a season old - I was due for a new one.

    I'll stick to the radar for now
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    So to compete I have to train behind the latest boat, with Zero Off, with a boat tracking software and mainline that will stretch out of tolerance when big loads are applied? What's the point of building a rope that meets spec for a static check but will stretch out of tolerance, feel like a bungee cord but not last after one hundred sets. (all for the cheep price of $90 to $120). What next, only certain ski's and fins to be used.
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    @VONMAN - Come on - the rope is only $190 nowadays!
    I guess when you basically have the monopoly on tournament used ropes, you can put any price sticker on your product that you see fit.
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    The price of boats and skis

    Ropes are cheap

    I buy 1-2 ML every year

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    @VONMAN you can train behind any boat you choose to. It does not have to be the latest and greatest nor does it have to have a boat path guidance system.
    Your rope can be what ever you so choose. But when you go to a tournament things may feel a bit different.
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    Better different, Right?
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    Don't let ropes get in your head. Ski with as many different ones as you can so you are ready for anything. Make up your mind that you can ski well with any rope - because you can.
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