1997 Ski Nautique w/PCM motor

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I sold a nice 2008 SN 206/ZO boat last year so we could get a "family" boat... 2012 SAN 210. I am just a recreational free skier and I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive second boat that will be good for open water skiing. There is a boat fairly close to me that I am considering checking out. Under 500 hrs and looks clean in photos. Has a PCM motor and a sticker on it that says "Apex Multiport Fuel Injection". I'm not sure what the output or reputation of that motor is. Asking $15k.

Any thoughts about this hull/engine combo?



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    If it's real and in good shape that's a steal.
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    Don't post where it is !
    Someone may be faster then you!
    Looks real clean ,dual axles,TSC 1...yep,good deal!
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    I have a 98, almost same color. I have the apex with almost 1200 hours and am a pretty big fan. I believe it was the “upgraded” motor over the gt-40, so not as popular. But I know a lot of people like the torque curve of the gt-40.

    I have heard it is the predecessor to the Excalibur that came out in like 03, as I believe it has vortec heads. At the end of the day it is a Chevy 350 marinized by PCM, so I think it’s a great motor.

    Mine is clean, but maybe not that clean with a single axle trailer that has some rust on it. I’d be asking another 5k in this market. Go get that thing.
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    The Apex engine was rated at 320 hp as opposed to 320 hp for the Ford GT 40 engine. I owned a 1997 SN with a GT 40 and the Apex engine was smoother but was slightly slower out of the hole but had a slightly higher top speed. I think you’d be happy with the Apex. The 97 SN is hard to beat on wake quality.
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    I'm going to go check it out on Friday.
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    Fyi most brochures are available online, might be useful:


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    Too bad you’re not a course skier…that boat has “PB” written right on it 😉
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    Unfortunately the seller, despite the fact that I told him I'd be up to see the boat in the morning, decided that he wanted to sell it back to the previous owner who is supposed to come down this weekend. Very disingenuous, disappointing, kind of a dick move after having it on the market for 32 weeks and me being in touch with him over the past 2-3 weeks.
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    I this market you have to move fast. Too bad you missed out. As others have said it is a terrific boat.
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    Maybe, but he was out of town and reached back out to me on Tuesday. Whatever, out of my control. I'll find something else.
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    Something seems off about the whole thing. A boat like that was listed for $15K for 8 months? In this current boat market?
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    Yeah, don’t be surprised when the “seller” reaches out to you again saying it’s available again. Sounds like a scam.
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    I also noticed the registration sticker had the 2019 year on it. Something seems a bit fishy - @tlarocque maybe you saved yourself some headache. Though you are disappointed - something will come up.
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    I guess we'll see. Time to start my search in earnest. Usually the hunt is a lot of fun but it has been slim pickings for the past couple years.
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