Moomba 2022 - pics

timmotimmo Posts: 11 Baller
Was riverside today for Women's and Men's slalom, Women's tricks, and Women's and Men's jumps.
Nate just on another level. There's some pics of his 9.75 ball number one attached.

Watching Venessa Vieke win the womens slalom was great.

Very scary seeing young Kristy Appleton take a pretty bad fall on the jump... won't be uploading photos of that.

Otherwise, really great to see Joel Howley, Tom D-gas, and Freddie power down the river up close.



  • jhughesjhughes Posts: 1,195 Mega Baller
    May be the first time on BOS I've seen someone spell "pics" correctly with no 's. Thank you for that.
  • BobFBobF Posts: 244 Crazy Baller
    Great shots! Thanks for posting
  • B_SB_S Posts: 321 Crazy Baller
    Wow, fantastic shots, thanks for sharing! Congrats to Nate on running 41 on The Yarra, next level indeed!
  • DragoDrago Posts: 1,754 Mega Baller
    @jhughes actually "pic's" could hyphenate the missing letters, like y'all, depends on your style, but certainly hyphens are misused.
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  • jhughesjhughes Posts: 1,195 Mega Baller
    @Drago - No.

  • MISkierMISkier Posts: 3,439 Mega Baller
    edited March 14
    I don't think "pic's" is a contraction in the same way that "y'all" and "don't" are contractions, mainly because it is one word - pictures.
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  • Spencer_ShultzSpencer_Shultz Posts: 44 Baller
    @jhughes @Drago @MISkier If you want to get technical, the correct term for a photograph that has been edited is image. 🤪
  • jimbrakejimbrake Posts: 1,453 Mega Baller
    don't get me started on semi-colons
    "...all of the basic fun banter"
  • Luv2SkiLuv2Ski Posts: 50 Baller
    Awesome pictures! Thank you for posting and sharing!
  • DragoDrago Posts: 1,754 Mega Baller
    Oh; no kidding
    SR SL Judge & Driver (“a driver who is super late on the wheel and is out of sync”)
  • Fastguy888Fastguy888 Posts: 121 Baller
    Great Pictures @timmo thanks for sharing. Was trying watch live all weekend running into streaming issues.
  • lpskierlpskier Posts: 3,783 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    Im’ges. That’s how you say it in Tupper Lake. @adkh2oskier
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  • timmotimmo Posts: 11 Baller
    Nate's 41' off run. Crappy video - was holding the camera down so I could actually watch the run. There's some other vids of Joel Howley on my YouTube too.
  • slowslow Posts: 559 Crazy Baller
    I’m a Nautique guy, but that’s an ugly boat model
  • timmotimmo Posts: 11 Baller
    ugly boat
    Angular paint job looked better in real life, but yeah. The lines at the front almost seems to make it look like a pickle fork, which is a weird choice.
  • richfosterrichfoster Posts: 128 Baller
    From the first time I saw that boat, I’ve called it a tri hull.
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