favorite pre-2001 Prostar

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With all the talk about older prostars lately...I am curious, what was your favorite?


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    Personally, it was my 88 Prostar, my first inboard ski boat. It was white with a black stripe 351 240 hp with Powerslot transmission. I also enjoyed my 99 closed bow SportStar which used the 95-97 Prostar hull.

    This Team Talk thread does a good job reviewing the various years of the Prostar. https://teamtalk.mastercraft.com/forum/general-mastercraft-topics/general-discussion/28871-mastercraft-skier-prostar-prostar-190-a-history-1968-2009
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    1994! EFI, great wake, sports car handling and just cool looking. I downgraded from a '15 Prostar and couldn't be happier, although I don't ski as much as I used to. Obviously the '15 was a better tug, but the '94 is way more fun to drive, and I spend more time in the seat these days.
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    I really enjoyed our 95. I think the wakes were softer on 92-94 but it was still a great boat with the LT1. Learned to ski the course and barefoot with it.
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    Had a 91 with a slot. Rebuilt the original 240hp to 315hp for the last 500hrs or so. I loved that boat! Wish I still had it. This pic is from the guy I sold it to in Mississippi. Still going strong.

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    93 red & white Stars $ Stripes.
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    91-94, drop mic.
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    91-94 all day. 93 S&S, I prefer blue. The 93 limiteds were cool too.
    And one 93 unicorn was silver flake. 25,000th MC or something like that.
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    94, the 95 changed the window with the center prop rod. Never understood why felt like it was a window from a different boat they got a deal on or something.

    I dont need a stars and stripes but the reverse gel boats I do love that look.
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    My favorite is the 86. MasterCraft introduced the 86 as the N0-WAKE boat. I got rid of the 84 Nautique to get this boat following double knee surgery from skiing 1000s of sets behind a 75 and then 84 Nautique. It had almost no wake at 36.

    Everyone says it tracks very poorly. As the skier, not the driver I didn't notice the tracking problems. The only complaint is the spray which hadn't been addressed yet.

    Virtually a flat bottom boat with no carveouts between the sides and bottom, it was fun to hot-road, carving fast 90 degree turns with no roll and not too much loss of speed. Cornering more similar to a performance car than later boats.

    The Power Slot drive train and prop gave this light resonant hull a deep growling sound if you were observing from shore. You look up expecting to see a high powered ocean racer, but it was the drive train, not the 351 ford engine. The sound changed after 1986 when they switched to a longer strut to reduce the pulsing from the prop blades being too close to the hull.

    I miss the flat topped motor covers. Supports a big serving tray for happy hour and grazing with 3 people on each wide flat gunnel plus the seats.

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    94 PS with LT1 power slot. One of the best years MC hulls built.
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    94 was pretty amazing! Still miss the wake.

    I haven’t skied behind a modern prostar but the wake was hardly noticeable even with my poor technique.
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    another vote for 91-94. Outstanding boats
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    Stop the PMs,my94 is not for sale!!!
    My ski finish in 16.95 ...but my ass is out of tolerance!
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    93 with an LT1...
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    My favorite was and is my '92 PS205. 351HO, 815hrs. Solid, dependable, inexpensive to operate, PP Stargazer good enough. Original vinyl too. Great wake, but chine spray at shortline (to keep you alert):)
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    I had a 93-190. A great boat that was fun to drive and had great wakes at all speeds. The 95-190 had a big bump at 15-22-28 off lengths. Only downside to the 91-94’s was the hull spray on a windy day at 28off and shorter. I sold mine and replaced it with a SN 03-196. We wanted a ZeroOff boat. Love my current 03-196, but I still miss the 93-190. Luckily one member at our lake has a 93 S&S 190 that I get to drive and ski every once in a while.
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