Ski Nautique or Prostar?

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This has been debated many times online, and there are a few older threads about each boat, but its time I get a new boat as perfect pass will not cut it anymore, and need advice regarding the new models.

The new 200 Nautique is not on the shopping list . Please don't comment on how the 200 compares, its a great ski boat and we love it, but we train a fair way from the dock and I don't want 4 slalom skis, 2 trick skis and a pair of jump skis on the deck all day. (they got rid if the saddle bags and there is not much storage under the observers seat)

The Ski is more expensive, and I will have to wait longer for delivery, but I have been a Nautique owner for the last 8 years and can't imaging moving to the Prostar, but really we need a new boat and would prefer one before next year, and I could possibly get a Prostar this year so I have to consider it. (the cost saving would also be nice, but its not a game changer).

I can only get a build slot for the 2023 Ski Nautique, there may be some new features on it, but I am told the changes are likely to be minor. I do like the Nautique connect feature as we live a long way from the dealer (3200km) and they can log onto the system and diagnose any issues remotely. Trick wake also seems to have better reviews on the SN.

I will be getting the 6.2 ltr engine, but I don't think there would be that much difference in either boat for jumping? But please tell me if i am wrong.

In short, if you were a 3 event skier and had both boats sitting on the dock and could ski behind either, but you had to ski all 3 events behind the one you picked, which one would you take out?

PS, there are no late model second hand 3 event boats available in Australia, I have been looking.

Finally, probably should consider the Malibu Response - I can get an Australian made one its just that I have not heard anything that would make me want to buy one, but if you are a Response owner and love it, please post.


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    Are you in the Simpson Desert? Shit 3200ks away?
    There’s a few Response’s floating around at $100-120k. No Prostars anywhere or Nautique’s. What were you quoted for a new SN? I’d go for that, sounds like you’re one of the five people here that can afford one. 🙄
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    I can't compare behind the boats (other than I've had skiers complain about the SN wake when it's not setup properly, but like it when it's dialled in) but from a drivers point of view, the Prostar wins for me hands down.

    Kit is easily stored up front under the bow cover, the general feel is better (I found) when driving the PS and every surface isn't covered in seadek that can (and does) peel off.

    I found the SN felt like it was perched on the water rather than driving through it so to me, it felt a bit washy in the course and the helm buttons, idrive thing and touch screen made for a very steep learning curve, whereas the PS just uses one screen and it's just simple.

    I can't comment on driving for jump as not done that in one or either, but have driven trick and 58/13m in both.

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    Just a thought, while it's not a full-on dealer service setup, you can get Rinda Diacom software and cables to run on a laptop for about $700 USD. That would allow you to plug into the engine ECU and do a little diagnosis / troubleshooting without a dealer trip, and if your MC dealer was willing to help over the phone, you'd be a force to be reckoned with. Not sure about actual boat electronics / touchscreen issues though.

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    @chrislandy I found the driving experience just the total opposite between the two boats.
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    I believe both boats will display all engine diagnostic codes on the display without the need for the Rinda Diacom software.
    Kelvin Kelm, Lakes of Katy, Katy Texas
  • MastercrafterMastercrafter Posts: 386 Crazy Baller
    @kelvin , you're right. I guess I'm thinking the Diacom lets you dive a little deeper to perhaps see why the code is being displayed or what's actually happening. We're approaching the top of my pay grade so I'll see myself to the door on this thread now :)
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  • mbabiashmbabiash Posts: 639 Crazy Baller
    I have a ‘21 prostar with a 6.2
    The pull is absolutely amazing. Not sure why they always use the 6.0 in tournaments for slalom. I ski both and love the 6.2. I feel like it doesn’t work as hard to keep rpm’s than the 6.0.
    Nautique is awful at 22 and 28 off. Gets better from there but nothing compared to the prostar wake.
  • HortonHorton Posts: 32,512 Administrator
    I think most ProStars are the 6.0 because of cost. The 6.2 is just not needed unless you are on a short lake, high altitude or jumping 230. I say that but I wish I had a 6.2.

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  • dave2balldave2ball Posts: 1,067 Crazy Baller
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    @mbabiash While I agree with you the 6.2 has one of the best pulls it all boils down to money. The 6.0 does the job very well for slalom and for 90% of jumpers. Not really necessary for 99% of tournaments. I’m sure you know the 6.2 is about 12k more. And 95% of skiers don’t need the the increased HP. When it comes to the tournament promo boats Nautique choose to just go with one motor. And keep in mind the Nautique promo boats go back to the local dealer for resale.
    MC promo boats are owned by the promo members and they have to resell the boat and have the extra up front money for the 6.2.
  • mbabiashmbabiash Posts: 639 Crazy Baller
    Yeah. Our lake is on the short side. That’s why it’s perfect for us and the bonus is the incredible pull.
  • DownunderDownunder Posts: 16 Baller
    @rockdog live in Cairns Qld, closest dealer in in Brisbane over 3000km away but they do fly up and also have some local mechanics authorised to do services and repairs etc, but these new boats with those electronic gadgets do worry me, particularly the SN.
  • aupatkingaupatking Posts: 1,793 Mega Baller
    As @Horton said, which I totally agree with, if you ski mainly tournaments pulled by Nautiques, you’ll need to ski it a good bit to get used to it. At 14 and 13 meters, the wake is not good. I have not driven the new Nautique, but have driven the Prostar and the TXi and liked driving both.
    If it’s me on the dock, I want to ski behind the Prostar. If it’s me buying a new boat, it’s the Prostar. If I were buying a used boat, it’s a tossup between a big engined 200 and any engine in a Prostar.
  • DownunderDownunder Posts: 16 Baller
    @Horton thankyou so much, that summary was just what I was looking for.

    Every model's build allocation for 2022 has been filled, so it will be a 2023 model.

    I am definitely putting the 200 back in the mix, the dealer said they might be able to sort out some ski racks.

    It will be a 6.2 - maybe it will tow a few 50m+ jumpers but i have been told great things about the 6.2 (particularly in the Prostar)

    Malibu has sewn up the 2 major ski tournaments over here for the next few years, (except Moomba who has SN) I am not sure its wise to base a boat purchase on what they will be skiing behind in a specific tournament in Australia (they will only possibly ski behind the response for 4 rounds all season in comps, the rest of the time it will be a luck dip). However, at our local comps we will probably ski behind whatever I get......

    Besides, I want a boat that I love to get into on the weekends, or what's the point.

    I am going to go down and try the new prostar, my son has skied behind one and loved it, but he loves everything he skis behind, except my 94 SN. The kids will be skiing behind a response next week and I will check it out. I just need to find a SN to play in I think.

  • chrislandychrislandy Posts: 356 Crazy Baller
    Better get in quick for a 2023 slot ;)

    You'll find whichever boat you try will feel completely different to your 94, remember the Prostar reverses the opposite direction.

    The biggest difference you'll find, (as I did), is the throttle feel, it takes a bit of getting used to (all DBW boats)
  • LoopSkiLoopSki Posts: 964 Mega Baller
    @chrislandy yeah I almost smacked the dock my first time with my Prostar! Definitely quite a bit different than my 99 ski nautique!
  • DownunderDownunder Posts: 16 Baller
    @chrislandy slots are sorted, these are crazy times.......
  • RAWSkiRAWSki Posts: 984 Mega Baller
    @LoopSki and @chrislandy for many of us the ProStar docks and backs-up the "right" or correct way! :D good luck in your search you cant really go wrong, our club has a 2020 200 and a 21 ProStar both are great boats ----- a 6.2 TXi might also be a good option considering your needs
  • Vernon ReeveVernon Reeve Posts: 114 Baller
    I've heard an unintended advantage of the Nautique is the prop torque helps equalize the side to side weight of the boat when you only have a driver and no spotter. We still add weight to the passenger side anyway, so not sure how much it really helps.
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    @Downunder careful, this gets to be a Ford / Chevy thing. Also, it all depends on who’s buttering your bread.😎
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