EP84: Ski Talk with Becky Lathrop

ROBOTROBOT Posts: 476 Administrator
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  • kckc Posts: 333 Crazy Baller
    Great episode Matteo! Becky’s an awesome driver, and human!
  • marknmarkn Posts: 513 Mega Baller
    That was an incredible episode. Becky is truly a Master of her craft and never stops working to improve. It is true, she makes the 3-4 hour drive from West Palm to Swiss just to practice driving with different skiers. Amazing driver and a very classy lady.
  • PatMPatM Posts: 868 Crazy Baller
    Listening now. Love skiing and spending time with Becky. One of the best drivers and an even better person. Always look forward to seeing Becky when down in West Palm. My buddy Mike and I love to give her a hard time. She's fun
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