Barefoot Warrior ?

Thanks for the add! I know some on here have experience w these boats. I am looking at picking one up and it has a Yamaha 150 on it. Is that big enough for footing w this boat? Also anything specific to look out for with these? Thanks a ton appreciate it!


  • austinmineraustinminer Posts: 11 Baller
    We had one growing up and always remember wishing it had a 200 on it when going longline. Shortline was always good because the engine could be trimmed a bit. It was on a small lake, so we always kept about a quarter tank of fuel in it (measured with a broom stick because the fuel gauge never worked) so it didn't weigh the front of the boat down to get a little more speed.

    it was a 1986 Barefoot Warrior with a Yamaha 150 on it.
  • BentstudBentstud Posts: 4
    So how fast would it go with the 150? Could it pull two barefooters longline?
  • BentstudBentstud Posts: 4
    Also how was it for slalom?
  • TomHTomH Posts: 74 Baller
    I've skied/footed behind one with a 200, and that would easily do 50+ with a pretty torquey prop. It's a pretty fast hull, so can't imagine the 150 Yama would have any issues for footing depending on the propping. Slalom wake is fine, but as with most outboards, it's small but pretty firm, and the rope with be a touch higher, and a strong skier will wag the dog some. Boat has wood in the construction, so that's the biggest thing to watch out for. If there's play in the pylon, expect that you have some compromised wood, and will have a project on your hands.
  • BentstudBentstud Posts: 4
    Thanks guys I’ve always loved these. Gonna go with it if it’s clean. Was just a bit concerned about the 150. Bringing back the 80s!
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    Owned one, then a Falcon Barefoot to follow. Check the wood everywhere, the pylon mount generally sucks it's lag bolted into wood stringers (we completely refurbed ours). 150 will be weak. We started with a 200 carb and ended with a 3.1 Liter yamaha 225 EFI--was a game changer. We pulled six, 200 lb footers at 42 mph trimmed up.

    Super cool looking boats, track well for outboards when slalom skiing and if longer lines the wake is small and soft. Shortline it's stiff and tracking becomes an issue.

    Tiny interior, not much storage under the nose as the gas tank is up there. Fiberglass is wider than the rubber rub rail at the rear so can pick up scratches.

    Drive the 150 to make sure it's ok with you, wouldn't be ok with me but depends on your needs.
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    @Bentstud I have a 1992 bought new original owner. My boat is rock solid, always on a lift or trailer. Follow the advice of @6balls and @TomH when shopping. I found if you do a 2 second up trim once the skier is up it will soften the wake. If you to check out my boat go to U-tube and use this link:
    Ernie Schlager

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    Previous outboard junkie before I got my Malibu. Anyhow it should be a 50 Mph boat when not in tow. The trick is to prop it right for both footing and slalom. You want a prop that will run 5200-5500 wide open. You need to be in the sweet spot on the rpm. Something like a 19 pitch prop and that will get you around 45 mph and allow you to do both. Just my thoughts.
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