Bindings: is it better to stay in or come out?

I am an older, open water skier just starting to ski the course. I have always had wileys bindings. Years ago, I hade an OTF fall, back foot came out, front foot stayed in. It broke my foot. Since, my thinking has been I want both feet to come out. I'm not to the level of skier (nor do I have the money) to invest in releasable bindings. My question is: Am I better off stating with the rubber bindings, or switching to something different?
Any input is appreciated.


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    No single setup can guard against an injury from every type of fall. Most falls are so benign its best to keep both feet in. Keeping it simple, I suggest you stay with something like the Wileys and set them up so they retain your front and back foot equally. At the competition level, the D3 T-factors are basically a traditional rubber binding with a compliant laced outer shell to provide a little lateral support. Wiley full boots front and back adjusted for equal foot retention are a safe choice for older bones and joints.
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    If I were in your shoes (or binders, as the case may be) with your budget, I’d stick with your front Wiley and get a rear Wiley high wrap. You are more likely to have a both feet in or both feet out fall with that set up.
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    Do you use a double boot or a rear toe piece?
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    Wileys are a good setup. I had good performance from the setup lpskier suggested, but also a couple one foot out dismounts. Currently on Radar Carbitex with Reflex R-style rear, really good setup IMO. I've had a minor ankle injury in every type of binding I've used. Have used Wiley, Radar Carbitex and Hardshell. It's just the nature of the beast.
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    I use double boots. I just bought a ski from a friend: HO S1 it has a set of Animal boots and he also gave me a set of the lace up style boot- not a hard shell. The Animal boots are not coming off in a fall!
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    The rule of big toe I've been told is you want one or the other in a fall - both feet IN, or both feet OUT. One in & one out is where the most / worst owies come from.
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    This is a good thread. I like the Wiley set up, high wraps f and r. But have had a couple back foot blow outs resulting in front ankle sprains. Thinking buying a size smaller rear….or going D3 T-factors.
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    One comment on in or out of both boots.

    RTP skiers are always in only one boot during a fall.

    What you should try to avoid in a setup is the risk being out of your front boot and not out of the rear one. Which is also what happens in a front binding pre-release.
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