91-95 Prostar Jumpseat (walkthrough seat) WTB...

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I am about to start building one after scouring the internet for a pretty long time searching for a jumpseat for my MC. Figured I would throw this thread up to see if someone on the off chance, has one sitting around or one they would be willing to sell. As far as I know, they were a factory option, but not often selected. I think it would be easy enough to build, as others have shown over at Teamtalk but I would rather have the OEM solution if possible. Honestly the big thing for me is that I just don't want to deal with the upholstery. I know its going to be impossible to match it.


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    @Hucklefin - upholstery matching is a challenge, I had really good luck requesting samples from Great Lakes Skipper and finding an excellent match for my upholstery projects. Good luck if no seats drop in your lap.
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    The ProStar 205 was introduced for MY 1992 btw so 92-95.

    If you are looking to match the upholstery that narrows it down a bit more as interior colors and patters changed slightly over the years.

    Best of luck with your search.
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    I have a 94 PS205 and built one using an "off the shelf" seat.
    Easy to use, folds down with cup holders in the back and lets me fit more people up front.
    The trick was finding one that was not too wide. I think I spent ~$100 and it has worked great for 10 years.
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    @lundberg Yes I am noticing the width is an issue, which is leading me down a secondary path. Thinking of building a seat that effectively matches a prostar 190 and have it overhang and use a support on the right side. Then for a seat back in the walkway, figure out how to have it on a hinge like a PS197.

    I might be making it more of an issue than it really needs to be, but I think we are really going to miss the big bench seat that we had in the stars and stripes. Its my one issue with the 205.
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