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Retiring my prophecy this year(the original black one). Bought it when I skied 36 and weighted 175. At the time I liked the deeper riiding feel. Now free ski 3/4 the time on a wind chopped lake and course ski on a private lake. Last summer I could ski thought [email protected] but a ton of work. I am now 200lbs.
Won’t be demoing. Know I need a 68. Looking for a new ski to ski both conditions. More concerned about forgiveness than a new pb but would still like to improve. I rode a newer d3 and liked it(not sure of the model). I will be keeping my vaper boots as they work great for me and haven’t been hurt in them.
I know I should be demoing skis but really don’t have the time or desire to go thought the process.


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    Newer Connelly models are great. Love the GTR and moving to DV8. Definitely ride deep. GTR grip is amazing and expecting same from DV8
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    title contains best misspelling ever

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    If you aren’t going to demo, I’d say D3 would be your best shot in the dark. Generally speaking, everyone can ride a D3 reasonably well. It may or not be the best ski for you (and you won’t know for sure without demoing), but it’s almost guaranteed not to suck, no matter your style. A different ski could be better, but also could be worse, depending on your style. D3 is a pretty safe bet.

    I don’t ski on D3, so I’m not recommending it because that’s the ski I know. But I do spend a lot of time in the boat and I watch a lot of skiers. I my opinion, D3 is very user friendly.

    Ask your dealer which model is best for you. For the best advice, check with @mike_mapple at Performance or (a different) Mike at

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    I would consider the carbon HO omega max.

    If you are primarily open water skiing, it will be less sensitive to any chop it you run into.
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