Skiing near Fort Collins?

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I am considering a move to Fort Collins, Co and see a lot of reservoirs. Are they skiable? Are there any private courses or clubs nearby?


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    I live in Ft Collins, we have many small reservoirs that sell memberships but extremely long waiting lists to get on and typically range between 3-5k a season. Some have courses and some do not. Laku Landing is a world class ski site, here is their Facebook page
    There are some nice private lakes with courses to buy a home on if you can afford it, Horseshoe lake, Donath lake, etc.

    we have a couple public lakes (no course) but the only one worth skiing is Horsetooth reservoir and because it's so over crowded here now the only good water is weekday mornings between 6:30 to 9am. Horsetooth is a beautiful lake to ski when it's not crowded and the wind is not blowing. Timnath reservoir is not bad but you have to live in the town of Timnath to get a membership now.

    We have a group of 6-7 guys (age range from 35 to 74) with 5 DD boats between us, we ski Horsetooth weekday mornings and you are welcome to join our group anytime if you end up here.

    Let me know if you have any questions, I have been living / skiing here for over 30 years now.

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    Hi @Ronny61 we don’t plan to sell our home in Wisconsin, so I doubt I’ll be looking for lakefront in Colorado. Thanks for the info! I’ll be flying there for final interviews and to meet with a relocation specialist so your input is great!

    If we pull the trigger I will definitely contact you to join in the rotation.
  • Ronny61Ronny61 Posts: 45 Baller
    sounds good and best of luck to you
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