D3 ION 2 67”

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I have been skiing on an Evo ski for nearly 4 years! Now I have switched to the new Ion 2 67” it’s a great ski .
I have set the ski up as by D3 recommendation!
I’m a left foot forward skier it feels that the ski is riding up a little bit on my
1-3-5 side, end of the turns. Plus it pulls me on to my 2-4-6 side
Can any one Recommend something
The ski is set up as D3 recommends

Fin setting:
Binding setting:


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    @4lakes - having tried many setups ION-S (146/123/92/68) - always came back to FB 30" a tad less tip & depth 6.938/2.467 with a tad more DFT 0.757 8°, D3, tabs up; better space into offside, fwiw.
    It's as great ski.
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    @4lakes I've been skiing on a 67evo and curious about the differences you found changing to an ION. Can you describe how it changed your skiing ? Offside, Onside, angle

    The only thing have seen is Nate Smith being able to engage more tip on his on-side turns, balls 2,4 when he switched from the EVO to the ION, making his ON and Off sides more similar. But thinking I see that probably doesn't mean much.

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