Host Family for 3-Event Junior Skier

LuzzLuzz Posts: 635 Open or Level 9 Skier
Hi Ballers,

I have a German skier training with me who is currently 14 years of age. He has been given the opportunity from his school to spend a semester (Spring 2023) of school abroad and he is considering the US as a destination. Inevitably, as a committed 3-event skier, he is considering a place where to train in all three events with some regularity. Given the young age of the skier, I would like for him to stay with a host family for about 5 months, ideally going to school in the morning and skiing in the afternoon/evening. His level of English is already quite good and he is already quite used to be away from home (he is a skier after all :D ).
Should you be interested in helping out a young and committed skier and student, or if you have any suggestions, please let me know (here or in pvt).

Thank you :smile:
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