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I see our president is set to authorize use of E-15 (presumably instead of E-10). The owners manual for our boat states not to use fuel with an ethanol content higher than 10%. Unfortunately I live in one of those state that loves their ethanol ethanol free fuel is not available. How big of a concern is this for me?


2009 Nautique
Use of ethanol blended fuel rated E10 or less
is acceptable. DO NOT use fuels rated higher than E10.
Ethanol fuels rated higher than E10 could potentially
damage the engine and/or present an unsafe boat fuel
system. Damage to the engine resulting from the use of
ethanol fuel rated higher than E10 IS NOT covered by
the engineʼs warranty.


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    lol @Horton has the software changing B i d e n to skiing. Had to change the first line of the post and the link will not work.
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    My hope this just allows stations that already sell E15 outside of Summer months to now do so year round.

    Otherwise, I can’t find ethanol free gas where I am, so if I have to buy cans of VP racing non ethanol fuel from the local power equipment dealer to dilute it back to E10, that would be crazy $$$
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    this will allow the use of E15 during the summer months, not require it. I'm sure there will be plenty of stations that will stick to E10. We have a handful of stations around here selling "88 octane" E15 the rest of the year but are always the shady stations. Also check out pure-gas.org for a list of stations that sell ethanol free gas in your area.
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    May God Bless Maverik. Here in Utah, every station they build new nowadays gets a tank for ethanol free 88. Yeah, it's only 88, but we are at elevation, and it's easier to add octane than to take out ethanol. Lots of other gas stations offer it as well. It has become very popular here. This latest announcement makes me even more grateful.

    I'm not sure what I would do in your shoes. Maybe just start buying big old cans or barrels of VP or Sunoco stuff? Maybe start buying tons of the ethanol treatment additives?

    Sorry man. I feel terrible for you. Let us know how it goes.
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    According to the people in the know (Fox Business), ethanol has less energy that gas, so even though it may be a little cheaper, you will get poorer mileage, thus leaving the price differential of minimal or no benefit. Fox states:

    “ The energy content of pure ethanol is about a third of gasoline's, and research conducted by AAA and others indicates that using E15 reduces efficiency by approximately 2% compared to regular. For example, a vehicle with a fuel economy rating of 25 mpg would be expected to deliver 24.5 mpg while running on E15.”
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    My mileage goes from 30 MPG with 10% to 31.5 MPG with pure gas. I buy pure gas when I have the option.
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    Ethanol free here for boats, mower, tractor, other small engines and 94 Jeep
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    I'm glad we keep politics off this site.

    Note: this wasn't directed at the thread but a comment that was later removed.
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    Thread is fine, just some of the people that can't keep their juvenile political criticisms off of BOS. There may be a limit to how many times you can have your comments deleted....is it different from person to person?
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    Shooo… politics would be easier to handle than this thread morphing into high octane jib jabs.
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    All that the President did was allow for E15 to be sold throughout the summer, just as it was all winter. If your station offers E15, it still will. If you don’t want it, get the stuff you always did. This isn’t a requirement for gas stations to carry E15, just a relaxation of the rule that it can only be sold in the colder months.

    To be clear, I am not a fan of ethanol in fuel but want to clear up possible confusion. I definitely stay clear of the ethanol in a boat when possible.
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    Using a cheaper but less efficient fuel isn’t a good solution. It’s smoke and mirrors. What really would help skiers/boaters is if we didn’t have to pay highway tax on gas not burned on a highway.
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    @lpskier In Texas you can apply for a refund of the State portion of the highway tax not burned on the highway. For the federal portion, the non-highway use must be a business use to get the refund through your tax return.

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    Hobby Boats can be expensive when the hobbyist is limited on their own skill and expertise.

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    E15 has been mumbled about quite a few times over the years, as far as I recall no one that builds a motor for anything, from a chain saw to a boat or a pick up truck has ever approved of using it.
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    From Indmar, courtesy of BIMP.

    Hobby Boats can be expensive when the hobbyist is limited on their own skill and expertise.

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    @skihacker my Dodge Ram with the 4.7 can handle up to e85 so I assume e15 would be no issues in that engine from a reliability/performance perspective. I assume vehicles with one of these decals can run ethanol with no problems.

    I never use E85 because like others said, while it is cheaper, my already poor mileage decreases and it costs me more per mile to run.
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    The long/short of it in regards to the OP is.....there's nothing to see here. The OP stated "presumably instead of E10" which is jumping the gun. Nothing is changing except the fuel that had previously NOT been available during the summer, will be available year round this year. But if that isn't a fuel that your vehicles use (or can use,) then it in no way effects you (I would guess that most, if not all ski boats are NOT set up for flex fuel.) E10 and ethanol free aren't going away and will still be around to be used.....business as usual.
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    Here is another guy who has done a few videos on the topic. While his explanations are sometimes oversimplified, IMO, he still does an overall pretty decent job at what he does.
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