Custom Footbeds for Hard Shell Boot?

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I am a seasonal full-time alpine ski instructor at a Utah ski resort. I have three pair of ski boots and they all have custom made foot beds to provide arch support under load. I would never consider skiing a boot with the standard foot bed sold stock with new boots because support is minimal and results in over pronation of the foot in the boot. On the waterskiing side of things this summer I am transitioning from a Radar Vector Boa front boot to a Syndicate hard shell boot and release binding. Is anyone out there using a custom made foot bed in a hard shell boot and has it enhanced their comfort and performance?


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    I’ve used custom footbeds in my binders since the 1980’s and wouldn’t consider skiing without them. When you get them fitted, however, stand on them in a slalom skiing stance. In my case, they mold slightly higher in the arch for water skiing than snow skiing.
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    ^^^ nothing connects you to your ski like moving and rolling around in your binding.
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    Dean, that’s what Harald Harb told me when he built me some orthotics for my alpine boots. After a week I put them in my running shoes because my foot was slipping around in the boot and I couldn’t buy an edge.
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    I use these inside my liners.
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    I had custom footbeds in my radar strada years ago but they disappeared after a fairly spectacular yardsale. I walked the shoreline dozens of times looking for them but they never emerged.
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    @georgert - What resort? Good question.
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    @georgert Most of the Wc racers don’t use much or any foot beds
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    My 2 cents FWIW

    Advantages using Ortho in alpine boots
    - Foot stand with 'equal pressure' and help improve blood circulation
    - Less fatigue. I can ski more relaxed
    - Help me with my terrible pronation

    I use one in my Reflex, FF for tricking. Same reasons as above.

    I sometimes use 2 in my slalom boots. Semi stiff Radar Pulse boots.
    Provide better stans (pronation).
    Reason for sometimes is since I cant squeeze them in with the neoprene socks.
    Socks are more important (we start skiing in well below 40F)

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