Ski locker

skihartskihart Posts: 541 Solid Baller
I would like to make a ski locker down by the lake this spring. Now is there anything wrong with storing skis vertically as opposed to horizontal? Would it cause them to flex too much in the summer heat? Normally I would just store them horizontal on a rack but I have seen some great surf board storage ideas with them upright.


  • HortonHorton Posts: 32,399 Administrator
    meh. As long as they are out of the sun and away from excessive heat it's fine

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  • RednucleusRednucleus Posts: 806 Mega Baller
    If the locker is going to be in full sun, maybe install a small solar powered fan to keep some air flow.
  • RGilmoreRGilmore Posts: 221 Baller
    edited April 20
    Locate your lockers out of direct sunlight, and have vents at the bottom and top of each locker (if stock lockers (usually they come this way). The lower vents allow cool air to enter at the bottom as warm air rises out of the upper vents - keeping the interior at or near ambient temperatures. It's not rocket scienc, but it is locker science.
  • skihartskihart Posts: 541 Solid Baller
    Yeah plan on doing vents top and bottom for air flow. Would also like to be able to hang up wetsuits, life jacket etc as well in there.
    The big concern is the ski storage on their tails but if @Horton says I am good I may go that route.

  • RGilmoreRGilmore Posts: 221 Baller
    @skihart - If you're planning on wet storage, make the floor a fiberglass shower pan - new is cheap, used is cheaper. If your locker is on a dock, over water, put a fine screen in the shower drain (keeps bugs & mice out) and let your drippings go straight through the dock cracks into the lake. If not over the water run a simple drain pipe to a convenient runoff location, kinda like your roof gutters. Your locker floor will always be dry, along with your wet gear.
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