Perfect Pass Stargazer not timing in the course

WIRiverRatWIRiverRat Posts: 82 Baller
I have had perfect pass stargazer in my boat for the past 12 years. It has always worked flawlessly. I just took the boat out of storage and it locked in a GPS signal right away, got up to speed an it engaged like it should. I drove the first pass through the course and it was locked on a speed but never started beeping and timing in once we hit the entrance gates. I remapped the course and ran it again and the same thing happened. I turned it off and back on and still the same. It is locked on the course and getting accurate coordinates. Any ideas on what to try to get it recognizing the course again?


  • WindsurfnutWindsurfnut Posts: 238 Baller
    There was an update necessary to the GPS pucks a couple years ago. While it seems odd that it hasn't caused concern for you over the last 2 years, prior to updating ours, the system would exhibit very odd behaviour.

    Most of our behaviour was long GPS locking times, but it also did strange things to surging, dropping GPS signal randomly, and poor system performance. Once updated all was cured, and performance actually seemed to be enhanced.

    If you don't have that update, I would recommend it and perhaps follow with a system reset and remap.
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