Popsicle sticks

Keith_MenardKeith_Menard Posts: 811 Mega Baller
I have some friends who absolutely love freeskiing with these (public lake) and I can't find them anywhere.

Anyone else?


  • GarnGarn Posts: 598 Crazy Baller
    HO hasn't made them for a few years.
  • Cooper_TrelawneyCooper_Trelawney Posts: 346 Crazy Baller
    Another option is to get some 68" jumpers or cut down some 72" jumpers to 60"-64". Those are a lot of fun too!
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  • TomHTomH Posts: 74 Baller
    The Stereo wake skis skied way better than the HO ones, but also are not being made anymore to my knowledge, but if you find some used ones, they're built well. I agree shorter jumpers fill this niche pretty well too. I've got a pair of 68's that my 11 yo loves bombing around on and wake jumping.
  • LoopSkiLoopSki Posts: 944 Mega Baller
    I live near two wakeboard parks and always wanted to try these there. Cable spins too fast for me on tricks. Guess I missed my window.
  • dfarhooddfarhood Posts: 1
    Maybe some flymans? No personal experience with that company though.
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