All the teenagers who won the Masters or World slalom title did it in the 60's WHY ?

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With Charlie Ross's amazing slalom performances, he would be a good bet on getting there. But what has changed that few or no teenagers won those titles or set world records after the 60's ?

I skied in 3 consecutive Nationals where a skier in the boys division was expected to have the highest score for the tournament "hands down". Between them they also won the Masters and set World slalom records in the same time frame.

64 Billy Spencer
65 Kris Lapoint
66 Leroy Burnett
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    $$$, training time & school pressure I'm guessing
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    The teenagers of the 60’s were the pro skiers of the 70’s and 80’s with the likes of Kris and Bob LaPoint, Wayne Grimditch and Ricky McCormick.
    In the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s you could make a living as a pro tournament skier, so the teenagers of the 60’s stayed in the sport and went right on dominating.
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    @swbca there is no money in skiing anymore. The boat MFG have moved there marketing money to the surf side where there is a 3 to 1 profit margin. Also slalom courses have become very hard to gain permits for which makes training very hard unless you live in a man made lake or have access to a man made lake. which is cheap.
    Once wakeboarding took off and you could put all your friends half naked girls in a boat and look like a rock star to the naked eye why would you want to deal with all the new restrictions placed on 3 event skiing.
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    Skiing technology also plays a role. The low performance quality of the skis in 60's were an equalizer between the young and the experienced skier. A gifted 14 year old Masters Champion from from the 60's (Bill Spencer) wouldn't have the years of skill development required to run into 43 off at 14 even if he had all the benefits of a modern equipment and training.

    The same is probably true for Leroy Burnett who set a World Slalom record at 17+/-. In today's world he would need more time to get ahead of the top pros.
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