2013 Ski Nautique 200 for sale

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I am located near Seattle, WA

For Boat details, go to: https://www.ski-it-again.com/php/skiitagain.php?endless=summer&topic=Search&category=Boat_3Event&postid=63038

Contact me at 206-919-5722 or [email protected] if you are interested.


  • Jody_SealJody_Seal Posts: 4,055 Mega Baller
    What makes it one of a kind?
    Hobby Boats can be expensive when the hobbyist is limited on their own skill and expertise.

  • jimskijimski Posts: 629 Crazy Baller
    I paid less for my 2011 in 2012
  • RichardDoaneRichardDoane Posts: 4,895 Mega Baller
    it's amazing that people are asking for such a high price for a used boat, but even more amazing that someone else may pay it
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  • aupatkingaupatking Posts: 1,841 Mega Baller
    I wouldn’t be surprised to see 200’s with the 6.0 and later 6.2 still getting a premium price, but these old ones with the 5.7 were just too underpowered to get what some people think they are worth.
  • brettmainerbrettmainer Posts: 455 Crazy Baller
    More power to him if he can get $60k and maybe that is what a 2013 200 is worth in this inflationary market, but I sold my 2013 200 promo with 100hrs in 2013 for $45k. Who knew used ski boats were a solid investment and I should have held onto it and let it appreciate? I’ll bet a ton of guys tried to convince their wives of that back then…turns out they were right!
  • jad4100jad4100 Posts: 5 New Baller
    I'm taking your comments into consideration. Plan to reduce price to $52,000 and will help with shipping.
  • aupatkingaupatking Posts: 1,841 Mega Baller
    For what it’s worth @jad4100 no one is buying a nicer new boat than what you are selling, for anything near what you are asking. If I could be in the market for a new/used boat right now, I’d still be considering your boat. It’s beautiful with low hours.
  • ZmanZman Posts: 1,971 Mega Baller
    I have driven and skied a local 2014 SN 200 a LOT. It is definitely not underpowered for slalom, jumps out of the hole, tracks great, and is very sweet to ski behind. Assume 2013 is similar?
  • LeonLLeonL Posts: 2,834 Crazy Baller
    Like @Zman said, only short on power for real short lakes and jump.

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  • AndreAndre Posts: 1,917 Mega Baller
    Power is fine for the vast mojority of us.
    It's the high rpm at 34 mph that i don't fancy...
    My ski finish in 16.95 ...but my ass is out of tolerance!
  • AliAli Posts: 296 Solid Baller
    Does it have zero off upgrade? Puck change?
  • 6balls6balls Posts: 6,200 Mega Baller
    It's not underpowered, just higher rpm's that some think results in a stiffer pull than the big 6.0 or 6.2 running a little easier. Very nice boat.
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  • liquid dliquid d Posts: 1,465 Mega Baller
    Just use a strechier line! hahahaha
  • jad4100jad4100 Posts: 5 New Baller
    It has zero off
  • PatMPatM Posts: 891 Crazy Baller
    Not what Ali was refering to. Has it been upgraded to a one puck system?
  • jad4100jad4100 Posts: 5 New Baller
    no it has not been upgraded.
  • AliAli Posts: 296 Solid Baller
    Thanks for the translation @PatM. Yes I was refering to single puck upgrade. Easy enough to do yourself on a 2013. Just order the parts from ZO.
  • MastercrafterMastercrafter Posts: 507 Mega Baller
    … which are currently on backorder from Garmin 🤦🏻‍♂️
  • jpwhitjpwhit Posts: 277 Solid Baller
    The latest ZO single puck GPS is made by ECI, not Garmin.
  • MastercrafterMastercrafter Posts: 507 Mega Baller
    You're right, my bad. I said that because someone I know asked if I knew of any pucks available, because they were having trouble getting one from ZO, and I thought Garmin was mentioned. All kind of second hand information.. inserting foot in mouth now.
  • jpwhitjpwhit Posts: 277 Solid Baller
    Part of why I mentioned that, is some people still want to just fix their older ZO system and may be trying to get Garmin pucks. The chip needed for the Garmin puck is no longer being made, but you can still get them if you really need one.

    So I didn't know how to read you comment. Are the new single puck upgrades in short supply, or are you referring to the short supply of the original Garmin pucks.
  • MastercrafterMastercrafter Posts: 507 Mega Baller
    What I heard is that the ECI single pucks are currently unavailable. Second hand info. I thought ECI was a style made by Garmin, not a brand.

    Sorry for the thread jack!
  • jpwhitjpwhit Posts: 277 Solid Baller
    edited May 2
    This is somewhat relevant to this thread. Because the original ZO, which it appears this boat has, will need to either have the firmware on the original Garmin pucks updated, or be upgraded to the latest single puck ZO.

    The original ZO, with the puck firmware supplied by ZO, sort of works, but doesn't work correctly at this point. That's because the GPS 18x pucks have a bug related to the GPS Week Number rollover that happened on April 6, 2019.

    GPS Week Rollover
    Garmin GPS 18x Firmware Issues and Updates

    The bugs caused accuracy issue with the GPS data. And the accuracy varies based on which and how many satellites are in view at any point in time.

    This manifests in Zero off behavior that ranges from just being somewhat out of whack to totally not working and surging badly based on the the position of the GPS satellites in the sky. I've also seen cases where the ZO diag screen reports one of the pucks is not working because of the bug.

    Unfortunately, updating the puck firmware isn't a simple process. ZO doesn't provide a built-in firmware update procedure for the pucks. Additionally, it's a two part process. The actual puck firmware must be updated, which completely resets the configuration of the puck. Then the puck must be re-configured precisely as ZO expects. Otherwise, ZO won't recognize the puck.

    I built the required cables, figured out the configuration of the pucks that ZO expects, and have updated our club boat. I've also heard that Perfect Pass was doing the updates for folks at one point. ZO's official "fix" is to upgrade to the new single puck GPS system.
  • Ski_DadSki_Dad Posts: 552 Solid Baller
    i honestly thought the 2011 i skied behind had a lot of power with the 654 prop - if I had it i would probably run the 422 for a bit lower RPM.
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