Ohio Waterski Association Virtual Slalom League

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Announcing the Ohio Waterski Association Virtual Slalom League!

This summer the OWSA is looking to increase the amount of people on the water by hosting a virtual slalom league. Each week you can declare one set per week to be your submitted score (so be sure to run your opener!). At the end of each week your score will be ranked based on other skiers in your skill division! Based on that ranking you will earn "league points", the person with the most points at the end of the season wins bragging rights for the year!

The VSL will run starting from Memorial Day through the Ohio State Championships!

Eligibility: Members of the Ohio State Waterski Association -- you can become a member of the OWSA if you are a current resident, have skied as part of an Ohio based waterski team (example you are from Sacramento, but ski for Miami of Ohio), or have skied in an OWSA event within the past 5 years.

The league will use a week to week system for building score averages, so be sure to submit scores each week!

A-Tier: 95+ buoy average ([email protected]+)
B-Tier: 75-94 buoy average ([email protected] -- [email protected])
C-Tier: 55-74 buoy average ([email protected] -- [email protected])
D-Tier: Under 54 buoy average ([email protected])

Full rules and details will be sent out to all who decide to participate in the league!


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