Any info on the new D3 skis?

ballsohardballsohard Posts: 466 Crazy Baller
Has anyone skied on the D3 NEO, ION 2, or NRG R2?

Curious what the differences of these are and who prefers what.


  • SlalomSteveSlalomSteve Posts: 147 Baller
    Same. The branding on the NEO sounds like it's perhaps designed for short-line skiers, but all the pros are still on IONs (now ION 2s).
  • DanoDano Posts: 216 Baller
    I'm on the NRG R2. Previous ski was a C65. Havn't had course to run yet but will this weekend. From the free skiing i've done the R2 is a very stable predictable ski. It is not slow, It may seem slow because of how stable it is but I don't think it gives up anything in this department. Ski turns with confidence on both sides with no hint of tip rise. Compared to my C65 the R2 seems to require less effort.
  • ralral Posts: 2,008 Mega Baller
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