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Hi y’all! I’m just starting to get into the course and have ran 26 and used to have a 67 radar lyric! My goal is to hopefully run 28 and 30 this year. Everyone I know is telling me to move down to a 65 and it feels wrong! I’m a 165 pound 5’10 women (mostly muscle) and all the websites say that I should stick with a 67. I just bought a 65 radar lyric graphite and am worried it won’t work out for me, but all my friends are very aware of my height/weight/and concerns. Will I be okay on the 65? Thank you!


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    You can ski on a 65" but I think that length is not ideal for your stats.

    You want to be on the biggest ski you can turn, especially at slower speeds, IMO. I personally think it is best to keep the body weight at the middle to the low end of the chart range. Given the speeds listed and your stats, I personally think that ski is too small.

    Also, IMO, skip the "women's" ski next time you buy and hop on a 66" or 67" Vapor. My boy weighs 135 right now and is on a 66" Vapor; he starts and 24.9 MPH and has skied into 36 MPH / 22 off or 34 MPH/28 off.
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    You are just going to have to try it, looking at weight / height and speed , I would of thought the 67 would be just right,
    Maybe look at the front binding position, not sure but 30.25 rings a bell for the 67.
    I think the Lyric Graphite has Adjustable Fin, do get that checked out and have it setup correctly, it can make a big difference.
    Out of the box, it is not likely to be correct, If your 67 is a Graphite check the setup if it is just a Lyric I think it has a fixed fin, in saying that the Lyric is a Good ski.
    Good Luck enjoy your skiing.
    Like @jjackkrash says you do not have to go with a ski that is marketed at Female skiers.

    Looking Forward To Getting On The Water, It Has Been A Bleak Winter

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    Does anyone in your group have a 65 or 67 Senate? I would try and ski the different skis and see how they work for you. I ski a 67 Senate, and have also skied my daughter's 65" Lyric. They are quite similar in feel. A 67 might be better at slower speeds.
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    You will be able to make the 65 work for sure, at the slower speeds it might feel like you are sinking a bit more at the buoy, at your stats, if I sized you, i would go with the 67 due to the height as well. Best bet is to hope on it and rip a few passes to see what you think!
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    @lauskis id definitely stick with the 67”, surly you can try the 65” , but I weight about 115lbs , 5’6” and I ski on a Goode 9970cc 65.5 and absolutely love it, I do ski from 30mph thru 34mph, it’s a great ski for the course. Good luck!
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    In addition, I believe the 67" will promote better learning of technique. You don't want to train yourself to fight for speed. You want to get used to generating as much speed as you possibly can!
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    @lauskis I am a similar build but a little taller, and I have always skied a 67. I would definitely ski with the 67. I think the benefit of a 67 for slower speeds is important because that is where you likely will spend the time working on your technique. Good luck and have fun!
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