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Introducing the all-new XTR Team, a ski with DNA dating back to the XTR/Nano One shape. Our entire collection stands on Dave's Carbon Core technology that drastically increases durability while increasing performance.

Building on the foundation of the carbon core, we huddled up as a Team with our top pro slalom athletes for countless hours throughout 2021. We listened to their needs with not only what they were feeling but also what they were seeing. From there we were able to perfect their needs at 41 off and the results were amazing! That was our first step. Next, we put our heads down to create a ski for every skier on the water. We obsessed over perfecting the ski so when you step into your boots and onto the water you immediately feel confident, stable, balanced, and in control.

Regina was instrumental in our R&D process, because she has a special talent similar to Dave in being able to notice how the ski is riding on the water and how that directly translates to the technical makeup and build of the ski. We are confident this ski will increase your performance. You will not only feel the effortless, symmetrical turns with a quicker rebound that leads to increased side-to-side speed and width but you will have FUN all the way through the course. 

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  • brettmainerbrettmainer Posts: 455 Crazy Baller
    edited May 5
    So what is actually different between the Team and the XTRcc it is replacing? Is it the same mold with a different material layup or an all new shape, different bevels etc.?

    I am currently on a high mileage XTR that I am looking to replace. I tried all three of the cc options last year and ran the same buoy count on all of them despite their different feels. However, it was the same count as I was running on my old XTR, so I didn't see the point of spending the money. I also got to try an experimental 9970cc with larger bevels, and even though the ski was a size too small for my current weight and speed, I ran my practice pb for the year. I would have bought that ski in a second if it was available in my size, but it wasn't.

    I am curious how the new Team ski compares and whether Goode might be introducing a modified 9970 this year as well, as I expect I will be buying one of the two.
  • JackQJackQ Posts: 524 Open or Level 9 Skier
    @brettmainer, I am in the same boat. I have a 5 year old XTR which is likely way past it’s sell by date. Two years ago I tried a XTR CC, which felt OK but could neve get past 4 ball on my hardest pass (which I only occasionally run) after two months, took my old skie out, ran the pass out of the boat, and 3of 6 rounds of tournaments remaining, and sold the ski.

    I am on my 2nd set on the XTR CC Team, and is to early to tell if it better than my old ski, but it feels pretty good so far. I have not yet shortened to my hard pass, but will soon.
  • brettmainerbrettmainer Posts: 455 Crazy Baller
    @JackQ, do you know if it is the exact same shape with a modified composition or whether the shape was tweaked? I am not suggesting the shape needed to be tweaked or that doing so would be an improvement, I am just curious as to what physically changed.
  • prkprk Posts: 76 Baller
    who are the goode team skiers when i check thier site they don't list any
    been that way for quite awhile
  • JackQJackQ Posts: 524 Open or Level 9 Skier
    @brettmainer, Taking to Martin B that I believe made the ski, he said no change in shape. Decrease in torsional stiffness and moved the sweat spot forward. How that is or could be done, I do not understand. I always take the claims of improvement with a large dose of salt from all manufactures. I remember the O’Brien piezo electric plate, and Goode flex tail (a real dog) and others
  • skialexskialex Posts: 1,420 Mega Baller
    Goode’s new ski press releases used to create a hype and and anticipation to try the new ski with innovations that does this and that better than the previous models.
    So how this ski is different and better to the Xtrcc? Is it the same ski just tuned better? What have they changed? Rocker, bevels, flex, shape, faster, slower?
    I ride goodes but don’t see it, at least from this press release. Maybe we’ll hear more about it soon…
  • ski41off_daveski41off_dave Posts: 8 Open or Level 9 Skier
    I used to be quite involved in the goode testing and development for new skis but since Dave Goode has passed away (sadly) I haven’t been in the loop. can’t comment on the new team ski. I will get one next week and can then give feed back.
  • Anthony FurmanovichAnthony Furmanovich Posts: 15 Baller
    @JackQ any update on the ski? also planning on getting it. Moving from an old XTR.
  • JackQJackQ Posts: 524 Open or Level 9 Skier
    Jury is still out, is encouraging. I ran [email protected] in a tournament, twice three weeks ago on my old ski, ran 2, 3 and [email protected] (in good shape but was impatient) in a tournament yesterday and ran 39 in practice today, which is only the 2nd one this year. I seem to like the binders forward (one hole on the D3 binders forward) compared to my old XTR, so there may be something to the " we moved the sweat spot forward.
  • DkLkSkrDkLkSkr Posts: 59 Baller
    Any updates of those riding the new XTR Team compared to the old XTR?

    Gregg Doster

  • dave2balldave2ball Posts: 1,130 Crazy Baller
    It’s faster Xcourse tip stays down real well. Worth a try if your on the old.
  • prkprk Posts: 76 Baller
    ski41off dave sad to hear you'er no long in on the development of GOODE skis did you get a new XTR TEAM if so what are your thoughts
  • BeezerBeezer Posts: 18 Baller
    How do I convert the fin settings from a slot caliper and jaws measurement to tips and flat tail? I really don’t want to pay 160 bucks to get some measurements…. Help a fella out!
  • brettmainerbrettmainer Posts: 455 Crazy Baller
    @Beezer, i agree the Goode length measurements are irritating. Fin length is what it is (tips). Measuring inaccurately with the jaws with the caliper against the ski and reporting an alternate length is a mind bender because the measurements are affected by the bevels and the conversion factor is different ski to ski. However, for the Goode XTR and Team, 6.77 (wonky Goode length measurement) = 6.845. Add 0.075” to the Goode lengths to convert to the true length. This conversion factor will be different for other models.
  • MrJonesMrJones Posts: 1,846 Mega Baller
    On my daughter’s ski 6.766 slot converts to 6.846 tips for length.
    DFT is usually within 0.005. Depth is close as well. Length is the real pain.
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