New to M7 and tips for 32 mph

MikeTMikeT Posts: 79 Baller
First year skiing 32 mph and first seemingly obvious question are most skiers using their same M6 ski or not and if so what are you doing to get more speed from your ski. Wing angle? Set up?


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    I went from 34 to 32 mph a few seasons ago to help preserve my body. I was on a 68” at 34 and stayed with one at 32 and didn’t change settings. I’m on a D3 IonS now, very close to factory. I’ll ski ZBS at 32 in tourneys until mens 7 in 2 more years.
  • dbutcherdbutcher Posts: 540 Crazy Baller
    I stayed on the same ski until my maximum speed went down to 30mph. At that point I went from a 68" Vapor to a 69" Senate. Haven't used a wing for years.
  • lpskierlpskier Posts: 3,767 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    I was on a 2020 Vapor Pro when I entered M7. I was having a problem falling t one ball. Took out 7/1000 of depth and ski worked great.
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  • mcskier41mcskier41 Posts: 71 Baller
    Obviously with slower speed, ski sits lower in water and more drag is created....
    My changes:
    - Switched from Denali C75 to HO Omega. Omega less drag, easier on the body
    - Run wing @ 8 degrees vs 9
    - Took .005 out of depth from factory settings
    Otherwise going straight factory settings and all is good. Loving 32 mph
  • WolfeieWolfeie Posts: 184 Baller
    I turned 65 last July and decided to go from 34 to 32 mph late in the season after a few good crashes. I am on a 67 KD Platinum which I really like. Knowing I would be slowing down to 32 shortly I was able to demo several bigger/wider skis at 32 mph thinking I would need them at this slower speed. There was no magic with the bigger skis, in fact I ran 35 off the dock my first time at 32 mph on my KD. This is the first season I have started the season at 32 mph and have never skied better this early. The only changes I made are changing my ZO setting from C2 to A2, and I start at 28 off vs. 22 off to avoid the 22 bump at the slower speed. You do feel more drag at the slower speed and tire out more quickly at the end of the set, but hoping this will pass as I ski more at this speed. The only other issue is the gate timing being LFF. I need to pull harder at the end of the pullout to keep glide speed up. I like many thought you have to change skis when you slow down, but found this to be not true.
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  • kckc Posts: 333 Crazy Baller
    I went into M7 following the 2020 Nationals, dropping from 34 to 32. It was difficult doing so late in the season, and I wasn’t enjoying it. Following six months off the water, and starting out at 32 last spring was better. I was back to enjoying skiing by the later part of last season. I guess what I’m saying, is be patient, literally and figuratively. Make sure you stay on the handle long enough, and don’t hammer or muscle the turns. I didn’t change skis, or Zero Off setting. I believe you should ride a ski that maintains speed and doesn’t ride too deep. Best of luck!
  • MikeTMikeT Posts: 79 Baller
    Like to get a little more speed from the ski. Curious if some were going to a longer ski. Going to take a degree off the wing and see what happens. For me I notice the wing in the follow through of the turn. Right now it seems restrictive there.
    Agree on some of the above points,
    KC Wolfeie,MC.
  • LeonLLeonL Posts: 2,720 Crazy Baller
    I don't have some of the skills of @kc, so I speak from observation and conversations with skiers who successfully ski at 32 and 30. The most prominent being Dennis Longo. I asked him about changing skis and he said that he was on the same ski that he used at 34, 32 and then 30. Amazingly it was a Nano. His comment was that the key is handle control, being able to ride outbound on the inner edge,. That's the skill I alluded to when i spoke of what @kc possesses.
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  • ZmanZman Posts: 1,956 Mega Baller
    3rd year in M7, first year dropping to 32mph on a regular basis. Same ski, same settings. Ski still feels great.
  • skiron07skiron07 Posts: 94 Baller
    Transitioned to 32 last year on my old 68" A3- nothing that much different aside from more buoys and softer falls; just bought a 67" Omega Max this year and so far the difference is quite noticeable- much less work and much more stability...
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