Skiers Height/Ski Length

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Hi Guy,s and Gals
I am 5'6 , skied my best on a 66 ski, put on some weight and now ski on a 67, then I got to the point where I dropped the speed to 32mph, bearing in mind that I have always thought there is a correlation between, Height and Length of ski, I have tried a couple of wider skis, they really do not seem to work for me, started to think 68 ski, is that just too long for my height.
Currently 180 llbs on 67 Vapor Pro @32mph, just about in the range for the ski, but not allowing for wetsuit/jacket etc.

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    I’m 6’2” 170lbs and have been on a 68 since mens 3. I dropped to 32mph two seasons ago and stayed on a 68. I tried a few 67’s and a couple wider skis over the years and they did not work for me.
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    I'm 185, 6'1". When I went to M7 3 years ago and slowed to 32, I followed everyone's advice then to go up to a 68. Tried Radar VP, Goode Revolution, HO Alpha. All 3 were not only longer, but a llittle wider. All great at 22 and 28 off. Couldn't turn at 32 off. Last summer I switched back to my old Goode 67 and started running a few 32s. Its actually a 67.75, but traditional width and edges through the wakes nicely. This year I feel like I'll get a lot more looks at 35. I've talked since with several others who tried longer and/or wider and many have gone back to their 34mph ski size.
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    Big Nev is like 6'14" and he's on a 67 (or used to be). Weight is really more of the determining factor (and speed).
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    180 lbs. / 32 MPH is 68" all day long on a vapor. My boy skis great on a 66" vapor pro and he's 135 lbs.
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