Will the Goode Powervest help?

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I mentioned another threads I suffered both shoulder dislocation‘s last year. As a result I have a Hal sachs fracture one shoulder and a small fracture in the other.
Surgery was optional but encouraged but I decided to postpone to see how I heal and figure out how much the insurance would cover. But here we are going into the spring season I’m not sure if I wanna risk skiing or not. I’m leaning towards at least trying to see how I feel with the few light passes. I’m thinking maybe the good power vest combined with a wider ski and if I stay at 32mph I might be able to ski this summer. I’m pretty sure this has been discussed before but I couldn’t find the thread.those that have tried the power vest , do you think this will be helpful with my shoulder injury or is this more for back fatigue.


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    Yes it will help with your shoulders. Bought mine when coming back from rotator cuff surgery. The guy with a waterski forum on the neighboring lake was also using one for a short time when coming back from a torn bicep.Hear they are in back order now. They are well worth the money.
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    LoopSki: YES and YES. Can’t explain why it works but it works. Takes some getting use to but within a couple passes you’ll feel great. My shoulder is shot, I’m 61 years old and was very discouraged about my skiing prospects. After a few sets, this damn vest actually prevented me from risking any further injury. It seems to “keep you in check”. It’s impossible to do anything stupid. Tough to explain but I hope that helps. I know it’s not inexpensive but I really believe it’s worth every dime.
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    It definitely works. I've used one for five years to resolve some lower back issues.
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    You are welcome to try mine a couple times. Just text me.
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    Maybe recheck with your doc or PT once more before letting the boat pull on you!
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