Delta Fall Open video

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Greetings Ballers,
This is a video shot by drone footage recorded and produced by Ryan Selsor. The Delta Fall Open is held at the Berkeley Water Ski Club Delta site annually at the end of the season. BWSC is one of the oldest clubs in the Western region, founded in 1958.
Seeing the Delta from the air is just awesome, and a a shout goes out to Ryan for producing it.
Here it is:

Here is a link to the finished DFO video. Same as before, but with some small refinements and adding names to each skier.


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    great video!!
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    Very nice production. Does the club still use the Berkeley "Aquatic Park" where the 1977 Nationals were held, or did the club move everything to the Delta site ? I was fortunate to ski with the club when Art Smrekar and other unforgettable characters were running things at that time.

    Art let me sit in a Judges tower to take pictures during women's slalom. This is Cindy Todd.
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    CA Delta was home for 25 years. Our daughter skied in that tournament 3 times. It is a unique setting.
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    @swbca yes. Berkeley still has the park. Still going strong.
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    The Delta is unique, learned to ski there, its awesome
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    @swbca Yes the Aquatic Park is still in operation and will start Wednesday Night Ski League fun tournaments including dinner and refreshments apres ski this coming Wednesday.
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