Looking for Nautique 196, 2002 and up

sachilderssachilders Posts: 4 New Baller
Looking for a Nautique 196, 2002 to 2009. Prefer 2004 or 2005 and up, whenever the hydrogate was introduced.


  • igkyaigkya Posts: 840 Crazy Baller
    Who isn't looking for that?
  • sachilderssachilders Posts: 4 New Baller
    Maybe more inventory will be available and lower prices after a few more interest rate increases and we enter a recession later this year.
  • vtjcvtjc Posts: 304 Solid Baller
    07 in Georgia with 550 on ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/175274608719
    There is another 2,500 hour 07 on ebay as well.

    I enjoy and cherish my 2008 196.
  • sachilderssachilders Posts: 4 New Baller
    The linked boat you provided looks nice. I've never bought anything on ebay, where I was not willing to loose the money. $20K boat, what could go wrong? :smile:

    Sounds like you have a sweet boat. Enjoy
  • JmoskiJmoski Posts: 477 Crazy Baller
    Unless the boat is in really rough shape, 20k for a 196 with ZO and reasonable hours seems suspiciously low.
  • liquid dliquid d Posts: 1,430 Mega Baller
    When you get there, you'll know. It didn't used to be suspiciously low....who'd of thunk it?
    Don't invest in gold people....you should have bought 3 or 4 older tournament ski boats!
  • LeonLLeonL Posts: 2,770 Crazy Baller
    I can't think of ANY figure that would buy my 2008 196. I would have to try to find something else. It's not like you can just go out and buy what you want even if money was no object. Which, of course, would be the case for me.
    Leon Leonard Stillwater Lake KY - SR Driver SR Judge
  • 6balls6balls Posts: 6,112 Mega Baller
    That eBay boat is a scam. No way a 07 for $20k—sold my 2000 for $21k recently maybe cudda had $22k. Today’s market that 07 gotta be $35k or more.
    Dave Ross--die cancer die
  • rockdogrockdog Posts: 709 Crazy Baller
    That boat is in poor condition.
  • bananaronbananaron Posts: 561 Mega Baller
    Just to show you how prices are really high now I bought a beautiful well I can say pristine 2009 196 with 1100 hrs 3yrs ago for $23,000 and the boat is going strong today.back then nobody wanted a boat with 1100 hrs however the seller took really good care of the boat and it was like showroom new.Prices for boats are like for trucks and houses they are worth whatever someone will pay.I am sure not a buyer of any of them......
    Ron Engblom Brainerd lakes,minnesota
  • JmoskiJmoski Posts: 477 Crazy Baller
    I sold my 2006 196 limited with 430 hrs, mint condition (2012 trailer, stargazer, cover) for $31k last October.

    Could have held out for more but had already acquired a 2018 200 SN and I only have indoor storage for one boat.
  • keithh2oskierkeithh2oskier Posts: 854 Crazy Baller
    Contemplating selling my 02 196 at the end of the season. I have pulled some big guys and it got them up fine (although with full throttle). Hours are low (350) and it has Stargazer/zbox.

    It's in overall great condition but the only downsides are it has the little 5.0 and the trailer fenders are a little banged up but is in otherwise good usable condition. With the smaller engine and trailer, what do you think would be a reasonable price to list? Located in Sacto CA
  • 6balls6balls Posts: 6,112 Mega Baller
    @keithh2oskier i think the smaller engine is going to hurt you and replacement boat will be big $$. You have a great Hull.
    Try re-prop first. Get a good tune up as well. Consider re-power second.
    Dave Ross--die cancer die
  • keithh2oskierkeithh2oskier Posts: 854 Crazy Baller
    @6balls if I sell its because we are getting out of the sport. Still TBD at this point. Just kicking the idea around.
  • 6balls6balls Posts: 6,112 Mega Baller
    @keithh2oskier gotcha. Getting out it’s a great time to sell. My 2000 with Gt-40 with perfect pass in really nice shape 500 hours went for $21k cudda got $22 apparently after the fact. Really nice trailer, crappy cover. Was getting out of the sport as well reluctantly so my body failed.
    The folks that were ready at 22k were going to repower and ZO it.
    I’d go big ask $22k-$24k for an as-is or repower candidate.
    Dave Ross--die cancer die
  • sgreggsgregg Posts: 44 Baller
    @keithh2oskier might be worth your time to see if Doug Moss will have any engines available when you intend to sell. Could help having one lined up if a buyer wants a GT40 / 343 - Doug is a super resource
  • aupatkingaupatking Posts: 1,795 Mega Baller
    Buy @Booze boat. Doesn’t get any nicer than that. Well maintained too
  • BoozeBooze Posts: 472 Crazy Baller
    Thanks @aupatking , but found a non-anal retentive buyer that loved the boat.
  • ETskierETskier Posts: 174 Baller
    Just put mine up on SIA. I'd prefer to make a good to a fellow baller. 2006 with ZO and new engine. Perfect slalom (and trick) tractor.
  • 6balls6balls Posts: 6,112 Mega Baller
    @ETskier nice boat there all redone for the next owner at a great price. Were I still in the game I’d just come and take it home!
    Dave Ross--die cancer die
  • liquid dliquid d Posts: 1,430 Mega Baller
    Buy the boat you want! It doesn't matter if you pay 2k higher than you want....at the end of 6 or 7 years, who cares? Life's short! so , it may have cost you an extra 300 or 500 per year...who cares? Buy the boat you love and enjoy!
  • sachilderssachilders Posts: 4 New Baller
    Ended up buying a 2002 with the GT40 for 25K. The 2006 currently on SIA looks awesome.
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