Replacement Boat Battery, AGM or the traditional Flooded Lead Acid Filled?

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Time to replace the battery in our 2005 PS197; amazingly, it lasted 6 years! Unfortunately, that brand is no longer made or I would buy another one! Thoughts on replacing with an AGM battery? Can they be used in our type of boats...besides cost, any other pros and cons? thanks


  • JmoskiJmoski Posts: 477 Crazy Baller
    Interstate marine lead/acid HD starter battery is what you want. Stay away from dual purpose batteries. Make sure it’s the same group # and has the same or more CCA.

    I have had good success with high end AGM batteries, I have a north star in my truck currently and put an interstate AGM starter in my previous boat. They worked well, but are not 3x better to match the 3x price difference IMHO.

    The one advantage is in the truck: because the AGM is sealed, I no longer get corrosion build up on the terminals that I would have to clean off every year - I don’t get this with the boat, maybe because it only used seasonally.
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    Both will start the boat... AGM tends to last longer in marine environments as they are less susceptible to vibration degradation.
    In the ski boat, where we do a lot or startups, and minimal sitting with the stereo on, I like the OPTIMA Marine Blue Top Starting battery. Its going on 6+ years of frequent use and shows no sign of age.

    In my other boat, that is a point and shoot speedboat that may only start a couple times an outing, and has a very large stereo that plays music for long periods, I use the EXIDE Edge AGM Dual Purpose (x2) for their ability to start and deep discharge.
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