Dallas Area Skiing?

Hey everyone! Just recently moved to the Dallas area from a small lake in PA. I don’t have my own boat, but I’m looking for somewhere I can get a pull on the weekends. Any suggestions about good lakes or people I could get in touch with would be much appreciated—happy to pay for gas or a membership somewhere if necessary. Thanks!


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    Dave Island- Princeton Lakes
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    Best bet to get started is Metroplex ski club on the west side of Fort Worth. https://metroplexskiclub.com/

    You can meet people and get recommendations on other places.
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    @sbink Any openings at Dean’s ?
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    I'll 2nd Metroplex Ski Club, especially since you weren't specific about where in DFW you moved to.

    MSC starts their ski league Wednesday june 1, and there's 2 openings, very good program I began in 2012 and going strong 10 yrs later.

    I'm running a tournament @ Marine Creek Lake June 11, feel free to sign up, we have openings there too.

    Lastly, next club meeting will be June 21 @ Annas Tex Mex Grill 7:30 PM

    Any other please PM.
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    Alan Hendricks has a lake and a ski school; he also has a club with limited members (the club members can ski before and after ski school). It is North of Sachse/Mesquite in Greenville. Tom Brantley skis/coaches there as well (or at least he used to when I skied there before I moved back to the PacNW). If you are Northeast of Dallas it is a nice option.
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