Soapa-Da NUTTS - Bob Marley

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    Great stuff!
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    Hilarious as usual! But seriously, what's with all the soaping? Are they trying to get oils and grit off hands and feet for better grip/less wear?
  • skihackerskihacker Posts: 500 Crazy Baller
    I spent the winter in florida, you know what sucks is getting sunscreen in your gloves or boot liners,
  • BMG73BMG73 Posts: 55 Baller
    Wonder if Performance is stocking that HO taint cleaner? Gonna order one.
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    I agree man...soap in the bindings! Old school!

    A little lake clean up never hurt anyone! My bro Jim used to dive in, soap up basically head to toe, dive in again, and dry off (not at a tourney--at the home dock in the middle of a lake vaca). A little maintenance between showers when he was sweaty drinking keg beer and throwing corn-hole on the beach all afternoon in the heat. Not exactly a shower, but better than nothing!

    He never had one of Bob Marley's ball scratchers up there, tho! Geez Bob, where do you store that thing when you are done? OK, I don't want to know--hazmat bag, I guess.
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    @B_S Yes, the idea is to get any oils, sunscreen, etc off before putting on your gloves. I have never seen anyone wash their feet until this video.
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    @6balls we used to do that all the time as kids instead of showering up at the lake. Jump off the dock to get wet, get out, lather, then see who can leave the longest white streak by running full speed and shallow diving.
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    Lol 😆
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    "Coming from a murder scene, O.J." haha
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