89 Marlin Magnum Skier Repair

I'm working on my old '89 Marlin Skier trying to remove the brackets for the swim deck but can't get to the nuts for the brackets on the inside of the boat. I have removed the gas tank and was able to get the top bolts and nuts off, but the bottom ones seem to be below the floor of the boat. If anyone has removed these brackets before, your advice would be greatly appreciated. The picture shows what the bracket looks like (and why I'm trying to remove it.)


  • MDB1056MDB1056 Posts: 1,008 Crazy Baller
    Yes as those are way off to the side you can try to access by removing the center floor panels which I'm guessing you've done already, get your head down in the bilge and see if you can see enough to reach, or possibly use a mirror to evaluate. Plan B - is to cut a small access on each side in the flooring all the way at the rear - which wouldn't show anyway once the rear panel or seat are in place. Keep us posted. How's the wood in that boat anyway? Last one of those I saw had serious problems. Hope yours is different.
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