Anyone know Leroy Burnett?

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Hey all, I’m looking for any photos possible of my uncle. Leroy Burnett. He was a world champion slalom skier and developed the O’Brien USA EP model in 71. He passed away while on a ski trip in Tahoe in 2014. A few years prior their house burned down and we lost everything. From his huge collection of skis to awards, medals, trophies, photos. Everything. He was like a father to me. Even if you have a good story please share it with me!! It would be so much appreciated. Even 8 years later I still think about him every single day. He was a great man. Thanks in advance if anyone does in fact have literally anything to share!!


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    get in touch with Hank longo. I do belive he is caretaker of the waterski museum. Hank has a wealth of knowledge as well as access to historical items and information.
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    @Jody_Seal where can I find his contact information? I assume google? I’ll see what I can find.
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    Hank Longo has a facebook page. If you have an account or know someone with an account you could message Hank on Facebook

    I recorded a super8 video of his slalom event at the 1966 Nationals in Miami. As I remember it . . that was his first big event where he had the status of the world's best slalom skier and everyone was expecting him to have the best slalom run of the tournament. He was in the boy's division and met expectations. I will check on the video in a couple of week when I get back home.
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    Id love to see that video.
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    @swbca omg!!! Please please please check and let me know!!! That would make my aunts year Lol!! That’s amazing… I found Hanks Facebook too and sent him a message.
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    O’Brien’s first ad for its revolutionary tunnel concave featured Leroy Burnett, a skier no one outside of the Western Region had ever heard of.
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    @BKistler i really wish I could get my hands on a poster or something. I found one O’Brien advertisement flag with him on it. But it already sold.
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    He actually made me a longboard out of one of his skis he designed. I still have it but it’s obviously been covered in grip tape and cut down.
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    Burnett is also, as far as I know, the first to shape the running surface of slalom skis with a rasp or file. I remember him at one National tournament asking skiers what performance issues they were having with their ski and then he’d go to town on it with a rasp. I thought this guy has a lot of confidence to take a customer’s high-end ski and alter it permanently on the spot.
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    Leroy was an amazing skier, look at his Obrien in the turn. I had the good fortune to ski with him a couple of times near his house in the Delta. His dad Ted was one of the best when it came to setting up twin rigs.
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