Spraymakers - Season 3 - Episode 9 - Top of the Pyramid

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    Trent said "Flowie" :smiley: -

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    Just listened to this yesterday and I have questions @TFIN .

    The stuff you discussed at the beginning of this episode is good but not easy (for me) to wrap my head around.

    What I think I understand is that by moving ahead of your ski, or ankles, the ski will accelerate. I think for this to be true the ski needs to be turning, or engaging the tip. Do I have this right? I think it was implied in the discussion due to where in the course you are discussing this but not stated explicitly. I think this is consistent with the bike analogy you gave. I know it is true for skateboarding and surfing.

    If you move ahead of your ski (or ankles) going straight down the lake I don't think the ski will accelerate to support you, Right?

    Another question is what direction is the acceleration? I think you mean the ski will accelerate to move underneath the skier since the skier is moving forward of their ankles. If this didn't occur you would just fall forward. In the same segment you were talking about edge change and how this technique allows the ski to come through. This could also be an acceleration of the ski "through" the skier (from nearer the boat to further from the boat relative to the skier).

    In truth, if I understand this correctly, the acceleration would be both forward and slightly away from the boat with respect to the handle.

    You've explained this to me in lessons before and I never fully understood. This seems pretty important so just trying to finally "get it".
    Carl Addington, Cedar Ridge, MS
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