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Converted to Rev S a while ago. Mapped both courses and ZO knew at which course we were each time we skied automatically.
Noticed the mapping was off (had not checked in a long time) when we idled through the course. Read a while ago about satellite drift. Deleted both courses and re-mapped. Now the ZO does not recognize at which course we are. We have to select which course from the map menu. Have not gone back out to verify but did "save the coordinates" for each course hoping that will correct the issue. Will that do it or am I missing something else? This is the old head unit, so not sure if that makes a difference. Thanks for the help and insight.


  • BroussardBroussard Posts: 765 Mega Baller
    There should be an option to "auto detect" courses. Without this option checked you have to manually select which course mapping you want ZeroOff to use.

    In your profile it shows that you have a Nautique 196, which I assume has the old circular ZO display. Someone here should be able to let you know how to get to the "auto detect" selection on that interface. I am no longer familiar with its menus.
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  • marknmarkn Posts: 529 Mega Baller
    @Broussard my sincere thanks for the quick response. I will scroll through the menu and should be able to locate "auto select". Thanks again.
  • marknmarkn Posts: 529 Mega Baller
    Well crap. Went through the entire screen and menu and not able to locate the auto detect. Any other suggestions? Thanks.
  • vtjcvtjc Posts: 304 Solid Baller
    Delete the old saved course mappings that were slightly off.
  • GloersenGloersen Posts: 1,254 Mega Baller
    Auto-detect should be default on the older head unit.

  • marknmarkn Posts: 529 Mega Baller
    Thanks to both @Gloersen and @Broussard. Went out this morning and both courses are in and read automatically. Thanks for the help.
    On an unrelated topic, if the mapping is off by 1/2 a boat length (which it was on one course) if in tournament mode, will ZO react based on position of the boat guides or just the skier load like in practice mode? After remapping, sure felt better. Thanks again for the help.
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    @markn, I think ZO is only reactive and responds to skier pull. However, if the course mapping is off, the boat is timing you out of sync with where you are pulling it down. So, it may think it needs to speed up or slow down more than it should, since it's timings are being affected in a location different than expected. It could feel harsh, if the boat is reacting unusually because of that misalignment.
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    @MISkier , you know, I don't think that's correct. I think that the ZO is always trying to maintain the speed that you have set. I don't think that it really cares about timing.
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    There is the opposite compensation to the loss of speed out of the buoy, but that may be done purely relatively to amount of time below speed that it just matches in above speed time independent of where it is related to buoys. However, there is a slight bump in speed before pregate that will be dependent on accurate course mapping.
  • GloersenGloersen Posts: 1,254 Mega Baller
    The ZO tournament mode gate shots will definitely feel better with an accurately mapped course. Otherwise the +0.8% set above baseline speed will be mistimed and likely make the whole pass feel odd or inconsistent starting from one end compared to the opposite end. Other than that ZO doesn't react to position.
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    Ditto Gloeren and MISkier's posts.

    There is a table in several older PowerPoints which actually shows the various factors:
    Gate ramp
    Reaction time per letter/Number
    % throttle

    If you're open water or not mapped, it's not going to start the process at the 55m buoys, which is how the tourney mode works now. Open water, it's just going to try and hold the +/- of speed variations.

  • BroussardBroussard Posts: 765 Mega Baller
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    As previously mentioned Zero Off comes into the course hot - this will be affected by the course mapping.

    Other than this initial increase in speed, ZeroOff responds based on the load of the skier (using an accelerometer which is communicated to the ZO head unit, then sent to the ECM for engine response) not based on your relative location in the course.
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  • marknmarkn Posts: 529 Mega Baller
    Thanks again to all. I will say, I skied a heck of a lot better after re-mapping for whatever reason! From now on, I will be verifying the course maps on a more frequent basis...obviously important.
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    Are you running single pick or dual?

    Caution: entrance speeds vary between the pucks!!

    For most skiers over about 175lbs in nautique single pucks (not Malibu or MC)
    Dual pucks enter course at or around 34.7
    Single pick will enter at or around 34.9

    Big difference starting at 38off a +0.2 mph as the boat is moving around 5 feet every 0.1 seconds!!
  • marknmarkn Posts: 529 Mega Baller
    @scoke I have the single puck Rev S. Interesting you mention 38 off. Before re-mapping best I could do was 5..and it was a heck of a fight. After remapping, ran [email protected] down the line then 2 more 38's. For sure, proper mapping makes a difference!
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