Switching to RTP after 22 years double booted: health issue

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Due to my hip anatomy, I've been having painful slalom starts in my right (back) hip in the upper posterior region. Turns out bigger guys tend to grow extra bone thickness at the top of our femurs where the ball meets the hip socket. With each deep start, I'm jamming that bony growth into my labrum and it's torn in two spots accordingly.

I have two options.

1) scope the hip, repair the labrum, and shave down the bone to repair the damage and prevent future damage. The downside of this is it's surgery and will be 6 months off the water


2) go back to skiing how I learned as a kid (and skied into my 20s) by dragging my back leg and kicking in.

I'm going to go ahead and try option 2... should be interesting. I have a new binding setup on the way and am debating whether or not to go with a release. I've seen reports of injuries with and without releases so I'm kindof torn. I think I'll mount up without a release and try it for a bit first.

Anyone else made this switch, or dealt with back hip issues that weren't fixable with PT? (I did a ton of PT already)
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    I'm a fan of releases with RTP. With your hip situation, maybe check out the MOB? http://www.mobsystemrelease.com/

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    I made the switch about 5 years ago after 30 years of skiing with double boots. I learned with a toe plate and skied that way for the first 5 years. I didn't do it for health reasons, I switched because I was convinced it would help my skiing and I was tired of constantly dealing with cramps in my rear foot. Shortly after I switched, I also switched to a reflex front binding. I had too many cases of falls where I felt like I came close to injuring my front leg. Haven't had a single case of that with the releasable reflex in the front.

    I'll have to say it wasn't the easiest transition. But I'm glad I stuck with it and feel like it's paid pretty significant dividends now. When I first switched I felt so insecure on the ski. I literally felt like I was going to fall off the ski.
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    I will document my progress and share any good OTF crashes since I video all my sets. Lol
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    Let's compare notes later in the season. I've got 40+ yrs in double boots and am switching to a Radar HRT rear plate (picking it up tomorrow) to play with this summer so I can kick in. I'm 8 months into a new hip.
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    @UWSkier you will enjoy stepping off the back of the boat or the dock, there is a reason some Pros went back to RTP, there must be benefits.

    Looking Forward To Getting On The Water, It Has Been A Bleak Winter

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    @UWSkier, So kind of sideways off topic, but I have CAM injury with OA of both hips. I will do stem cell and PRP in Nov. I have also found Upright Health and Squat University on YouTube. These guys are awesome for stretching and strengthening for this type of hip condition. It has really helped reduce the pain and add flexibility.
    I am RTP. You’ll do great. Good luck.
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    I'm an OK slalom skier and made the switch 3 years ago. It took a bit to get used to, but I don't even think about it now. I moved to the reflex and RTP (Connelly Sync RTP) because of an unrelated ankle injury, I wouldn't go back. I really like that it will release in a lot more fall cases than when I would come out of my double boot. That would have prevented me getting stitches in my eye lid quite a few years ago... I have yet to have an early release on it.
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    @Buxrus Mine is CAM impingement also. I'll check out that youtube channel. In discussing regenerative therapies, docs I'm working with say they work great on tendons, not so great on getting a detached labrum to stick back to the bone. I have two torn tendons in addition to the labrum so I'll probably end up with PRP for those. I'm a hot mess.... lol
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    @UWSkier, yikes you are a mess. agree with PRP and connective tissues. The stem is for OA if you have it. I did some research about the labrum surgeries……literally about 50/50 surg. Vs. PT and stretching.
    Good luck with RTP. I feel like the RTP made me better skier by not using my rear leg so much.
    I have my RTP close to my FB. Tried it back and was putting way too much pressure and wt on rear of ski.
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    @UWSkier I was in a similar position this Spring where I wanted to switch to an rtp after many years in double boots. Because of bad back issues I was advised to do one-leg-out deepwater starts . After reading a lot of advice on starting with one leg out (there is a lot of material on this forum) I bought an rtp and was ready to go. On my very first attempt I tore my hamstring and I have been out for 7 weeks. So be careful how you approach this. Other than strengthening your hamstrings and warming up properly (this I did) you need to keep your leg bent as the boat starts to pull you out and do not push against the water to get up (this I didn't) something that we double booters tend to do. this is what I have been told anyway, I have yet to try again.

    Maybe someone here who knows better can help with suggestions on how to get up with one leg out. Good luck and hope the switch works out for you.
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    Bummer @Mazda. Get better! I'm not worried about the leg out starts. I get up that way every once in a while when starting on a trick ski I goof around on. Just have to let that front leg compress into your chest and use the top of your back foot to help push yourself up so the front leg isn't doing all the work. But will definitely work the hammies just to be safe!
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    I made the switch to a RTP due to knee issues on my back leg last year. I start with both feet in so I cannot comment on dragging a foot and kicking in. I run my RTP so tight I doubt I could kick in anyway.

    With regards to skiing, I should have made the change years ago. For me the transition was extremely quick and easy but it’s probably due to the fact o can get my body in a good position again without cringing pain in my knee.

    Sucks getting old.
  • OldGuysRuleOldGuysRule Posts: 141 Crazy Baller
    I had to do just the opposite! I skied coming up on one leg for 60 years! I learned that way skiing early in my career behind 40 hp outboard motors! It was easier and quicker and less drag to come up on one leg. I started having issues with hamstring cramps at night and even pulled the hamstring a couple of times so decided to put on my big boy pants and learned to come up with both feet in. I've done it now for a couple of years and still not comfortable with it but......no more hamstring cramps or pulled hamstrings. You can teach an old dog new tricks! (Mens 9 Skier)
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    I switched to getting up with one leg out for back reasons years back. I let the boat crush me into the ski fairly well and have never injured a hammy (and my friends will tell you I have tight hammys). For some reason the HO RTP works best for me to kick in tightly and reliably on shorter setup lakes, but I'm sure that's different for each person.
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    I made the switch 6 years ago. First few sets were a challenge to say the least. But confidence soon came back and in the end was really a good move for me. I also had to switch my grip two years ago to right palm up. Also a challenge for a while but caught on quick enough. Haven’t tried switching my front foot yet……..
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    Nice video of one foot start

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    Awkward moment for the guy at the ladder trying to pee…
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    @UWSkier I had surgery 7 years ago. One of the best things I have ever done! If you have questions about it, send me a pm and we can talk.
  • UWSkierUWSkier Posts: 1,902 Mega Baller
    Well I had my first sets with the RTP today and it went pretty well. Getting up that way for the first time in 21 years was a little shaky the first couple times but I got less water in the face than I had been double booted, and the drag time is way lower. Best of all was no hip pain.

    As for the skiing, I was going about 80pct of my max by the end of the day. Onside gonna take a little adjusting but offside was automatic. That tells me what I already know. I push on the ski too much on my onside and ride the ski through my offside.
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